10,000-Euro prize money ends up in wulff’s private account

10,000-euro prize money ends up in wulff's private account

In its financial investigations, the prosecution had stumbled upon the amount in wulff’s account, said the spokesman for the hanover public prosecutor’s office, hans-jurgen lendeckel, on sunday in response to a dpa inquiry. It is examined "whether there is a suspicion of criminal proceedings due to the use of the prize money". Lendeckel thus confirmed a report in the news magazine "der spiegel".

According to its own information, the public prosecutor’s office requested information from the federal president’s office at the beginning of june. Wulff had announced that he had transferred the amount to an israeli hospital. According to "spiegel," the inquiry to the central council of jews as to whether the founder of the prize agreed to the donation to israel was not made until last week, seven months after the prize was awarded.

There is no legally binding regulation for federal ministers and federal presidents to donate prize money, but it is customary to do so. Government officials, however, are required to report such awards. If this does not happen, an investigation for fraud by omission would be possible. Whether the obligation to report prize money also applies to the federal president is not clear from a legal point of view. Wulff had resigned in february after accusations that he had used the office of president for private gain.

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