Children at the diakonie daycare center have a screaming garden

Children at the diakonie daycare center have a screaming garden

A first small harvest can the children of the kindergarten st. Stephan has already experienced this: an apple hangs from one of the freshly planted apple trees in the new nursery garden. A kindergarten leasing a plot in an allotment garden is a unique thing in franconia", gunter diller of the bamberg city youth welfare office remarked at the inauguration ceremony. He brought the children a sack of seed potatoes so that the harvest will be more abundant next season.

The kindergarten team wanted to give the children a hands-on experience of nature, how something grows and passes away in this garden. "We will be taking a group of children here on vacation from our inner-city daycare center, so to speak", is veronika schieber, who runs the kindergarten st. Stephan leads. She also had the idea for the shrine garden project.

Schieber thanked all the supporters, such as the kindergarten’s "forderverein", which collected donations of 4,300 euros, and the "sendelbach" allotment garden association, who had the courage to lease a plot to a kindergarten; to the kolping vocational school students who planted the garden; to the neighbors who welcomed the kindergarten to the allotment with new plants as a gift, and to the other donors and helpers.

The biggest thank you, however, went to norbert tscherner, who two years ago spontaneously agreed to equip the garden plot with a house suitable for children, which he built himself in countless hours. He also organized the material and motivated companies to get involved in the project. "Without her, we wouldn’t have our screwing garden", said veronika schieber.

"That’s why we wanted to christen our schrebergarten-datsche ‘no tsche’, after its name". Dean otfried sperl blessed the garden and the children took musical possession of their new play and kindergarten room with a song.

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