Concrete mixer overturns on the a3 – four injured

Concrete mixer overturns on the a3 - four injured

The A3 was completely closed at times. The accident is being investigated by the aschaffenburg-hosbach traffic police.

According to police, the driver of the concrete mixer was traveling in the right lane on the A3 in the direction of frankfurt at shortly after 7 p.M. For reasons as yet unclear, his truck suddenly veered across the road, blocking all three lanes of traffic. A pickup truck and a car were unable to avoid the collision and crashed head-on into the left side of the concrete mixer, which was standing on end.

The two occupants of the van, the 43-year-old driver and his female passenger, were trapped by the force of the collision and had to be extricated by the fire department. After initial treatment by the emergency services, they were taken to hospital with serious injuries. The driver of the car and his passenger sustained minor injuries. However, they also came to a clinic in nearby.

The total property damage incurred is certain to amount to several tens of thousands of euros. During the accident investigation, highway patrol officers also detected the smell of alcohol on the driver’s breath. This suspicion was confirmed by the results of a breathalyzer test, which came out quite clearly at a good 1.1 per mille.

The A3 was completely closed in the direction of frankfurt for the duration of the accident investigation and the necessary cleanup and recovery work. The local volunteer fire departments were also involved in the project. They were concerned about the injured, recovery work and also about the detour of vehicle traffic. Pole

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