Fans had to do without michelle

Fans had to do without michelle

Gardetanz is a tough sport. If you want to be successful, you have to work hard, be disciplined and be able to cope with clear instructions. It is not difficult for ramona scholz, head coach and organizational director, to find these clear words. One notices this immediately, if it of unsuitable kostumen or errors of individual dancers tells.

"But mistakes can happen", female ramona scholz and especially on this evening nobody takes it too seriously. It is not about points and range, but about the fun of dancing and to present themselves to the home audience in the coburg congress house in a good mood.

This year's queen of the guard franziska schramm ( franzi I.") looks back on their 14 years at the coburger mohr. One of her best friends met her there and she likes the strong cohesion of the troupe. "And folks, just between you and me – I think that's a bit risky – after so many years of marching, you're already in the…" – long pause, then a sigh of relief:"…In the gluckesrausch", the queen jokes in her blue and white dress from the stage, before the dancing finally starts.

Junior guard is french vice champion

Coquettishly and skilfully, youth mare kristin kenner dances across the stage before the 18-year-old "dance major christian fischer performs a solo. Routinely the youth guard trained by ramona scholz and michelle maldonado, as well as the soloists lea wendorff, ina zietz, kristin kenner, keascha jackson and klara philipp show their skills.

A true firework is the junior guard, which this year became the french vice-champion and has already qualified in kassel for the german championships. The youth guard shows a dance, the "treasure diver" has as its theme and was rehearsed by vivian wolf and shanice jackson. To a medley of different songs of the rock and pop history the juniors show also a show dance, under the title "I am me – and who are you??"

The sporting highlight is of course the choreography of the konigsgarde, which goes over the stage with its usual elegance and security. This year the konigsgarde already became upper franconian champion and took the excellent second place at the french championship.

There was not only dancing

At the frankenmasters there is more than just dancing: hansi hummer from stadtsteinach gets into the butt, the "haarther runkelbauern move with music playing into the hall, dug the "freibier-G'sichter on the ehrenplatzen" and present themselves especially thirsty. In addition, the club, the fastnacht-verband franken (FVF) and the federation of german carnival (BDK) honor some members for special merits.

Marco anderlik, the district president of upper franconia in the FVF, praises the entire club. "The whole thing at the coburger mohr is a grandiose joint work of all. Please continue", says anderlik. He and matthias schikora, the president of the coburger mohr, finally award birgit gottschalk and verena gebert the order of merit of the FVF. Ramona scholz receives the BDK order of merit in gold and rolf stirtzel receives it in silver. In addition, rainer reibenweber is honored with the sessionsorden of the FVF, because he has been there for 22 years and the athletes are regularly fed by his family.

There is also a drop of bitterness this year: the 17 year old top athlete michelle maldonado, three times german champion and since the season 2003/2004 undefeated upper franconian champion, had already dropped out the year before at the frankenmasters because of illness. This year she was unlucky again: she is injured.

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