Giving should be a joy

Giving should be a joy

The students of the ernestinum grammar school presented their christmas wishes to an enthusiastic audience on thursday evening in the heiligkreuzkirche with songs, instruments and playful performances.

Nearly 200 actors stood on the stage of the sanctuary in the heiligkreuzkirche. For many weeks, under the guidance of their teachers from the art, music and religion departments, the schoolchildren put together an impressive program to get them in the right mood for christmas.

The theme "christmas wishes was a continuous process of songs and instrumental pieces and creatively designed performances. What people want for christmas? That’s what the students of the 6th grade wanted. The students of the ernestinum grammar school asked the pupils in a survey what they wanted for christmas: from toys or a time machine to friendship, peace and justice.

In his funeral speech, principal bernd jakob said he was a little taken aback when he saw the princes’ song "i loved being a millionaire" on the program booklet found. But these lines, too, he said, are about wishes and the different perspectives associated with them. Jakob not only buried the ernestinum’s large school family, including parents and alumni, he also wished everyone a reflective holiday with many fulfilled wishes on their behalf. Jonas wunderer, from the religion department, also spoke about the history of gift giving, saying: "may this be a joy and not a burden"."

Under the guidance of veronika schleicher and thomas humpfner from the music department, the students sang, played and made music. There were traditional and classic christmas songs, christmas medleys, a self-written christmas rap of the 5. Classes, choir singing from the lower, middle and upper school, a seasoned men’s ensemble with powerful voices, and solo performances that bring tumultuous applause, such as that of alissa spaaij, who sang "god, your children sang, or eileen bohm, whose interpretation of "someone you loved" was a hit revealed an impressive singing talent. With "irish blessings, sung from a hundred throats in the heiligkreuzkirche, the ernestinum said goodbye to the christmas holidays.

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