Kindergarten elfershausen: fascinating world of excavators

Kindergarten elfershausen: fascinating world of excavators

"There was an excavator and another excavator. The excavator is my favorite vehicle". The children and adults of the yellow group of the elfershaus kindergarten visited the construction yard of the company august ullrich gmbh even before the start of the exit restrictions.

The reason is the upcoming new construction of the kindergarten building in elfershausen. Already at the carnival parade, the kindergarten st. St. John’s made the new building and the construction site a topic of discussion. In the group they painted, cut and glued, so that an excavator, a crane and a wheel loader were made out of cardboard for the move.

And the interest of the two and three year olds was already aroused. Construction site toys were brought from home, passing vehicles were observed from the window, construction sites were built from the bricks, craftsmen were sought in books, and during the weekly walks the group spent a lot of time at construction sites observing and discussing what was going on. Finally, the children and their teachers went to the building yard of the company august ullrich gmbh. From the fence they watched the passing vehicles.

Later a date was set for a real visit to the country. For the children this was a good opportunity to ask the experts about construction site vehicles, machines and workers. The employees distributed warning vests to every child and adult. The construction yard was busy, and the girls and boys looked around the yard with the employees and discovered different vehicles and materials for the construction. A major highlight for the children was driving a mini-excavator and wheel loader. Accompanied by an employee, the children steered the shovels of the vehicles or loaded and unloaded ballast. From the construction yard, the children put on their play helmets. The vehicles and what they saw were reflected and imitated in play or exchanged in language.

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