Kiosk on the adenauerufer in bamberg will no longer open in 2017

Kiosk on the adenauerufer in bamberg will no longer open in 2017

This came as a surprise: at the beginning of june, there was still talk of the kiosk on the adenauerufer being reopened for the school vacations. Many a cyclist or walker may have been looking forward to a leisurely rest on the edge of the regnitz river.

The vacations have been here for a long time, even the weather was, at least temporarily, summery. But a cool drink at the kiosk near the aral gas station there was not. There will probably be no more in 2017. For the opening is postponed.

It is planned to open in 2018 "with the first warm rays of sun", as werner kuhhorn, head of the city’s real estate management department, put it in response to an inquiry. But what happened? Two months ago, some doubted whether the tree removals might not have been completed on time. The honeycomb-like building is owned by the municipality and is being renovated for around 150,000 euros. The pipes will be renewed and a barrier-free toilet and a staff toilet will be installed.

But that’s not the reason, believes kuhhorn. The reason for the delay in the opening was disagreement with the new tenant about the content of the contract. The kiosk is said to have dropped out in the meantime and then jumped back in again. In the meantime, the parties to the contract have apparently come to an agreement on their ideas.

However, the negotiations took time. "At the beginning of the summer vacations, it was clear that it would not work this year, notes kuhhorn. Now the leaseholder has time over the winter to set up his business.
He was selected from 18 official applicants, whose concepts the administration had evaluated and weighted. According to kuhhorn, this was coordinated with the adjacent wunderburg castle association and the general german bicycle club, and the final decision for the current leaseholder was made in a non-official meeting of the finance senate in april.

The sunny location of the canal-side building on a popular fub and bike path, as well as its proximity to a children’s playground and the wunderburg district, make the kiosk thoroughly attractive.
Kuhhorn hints: "we are striving for a balanced guest structure", a "clear polarization of the visitors one wants to avoid. In the tender itself there was talk of "making this popular place a meeting place for all parts of the population" to want to make.

All formulations that point to the past of the house. Shortly before its reopening, the public had rather scared off some passers-by who were willing to take a trip, as a spontaneous survey on site had shown at the time.

Last year, the financial officer, bertram felix, had already put it this way: the aim was to appeal more strongly than before to families and a civic audience. One recommends a reorganization, which is so qualitative that the level of the guests rises quasi automatically.

Does that mean, conversely, that noble and correspondingly expensive dishes will be on the menu?? According to werner kuhhorn, the concept of the haus was intended to "appeal to as many guests as possible". He did not give any more details, referring to the contents of the contract. He only hints that it is, among other things, about the choice of food and drinks.

Kuhhorn rejects speculation about the lease amount. "The rent to be paid is reasonable and was not the decisive criterion for the selection of the lessee."

The city had given notice to the manager in spring 2016 due to persistent payment pressure, the lease had existed since 2001. In addition, the previous operator had apparently not carried out agreed renovations in the past, nor had the building been properly cleared.

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