Maas insists on reunification of 1000 refugees

Maas insists on reunification of 1000 refugees

Amman (dpa) – minister of the interior heiko maas has warned the union not to deviate from the agreed compromise on family reunification of refugees.

During his visit to jordan, the SPD politician insisted on using the agreed quota of 1,000 refugees per month in view of the draft law presented by CSU interior minister horst seehofer. "We will certainly not agree to any drafts that we believe are primarily intended to reduce the quota if anything," he said.

In addition, the SPD will not agree to a draft that is not practicable for those processing applications at the local german embassies. Maas visited the visa office of the embassy in the jordanian capital of amman on thursday, which last year received more than 15.000 applications for entry to germany – many of them from syrian refugees.

Maas said he wanted to get an idea of how applications are processed. "I simply want to get an impression of how this works in practice. Because it’s no use writing nice laws in faraway berlin that are then no longer practicable on site."The present draft law will be examined on this basis.

Seehofer’s draft to regulate family reunification for people with limited protection status as of august. This group currently has virtually no members to catch up with. Union and SPD had agreed in the coalition negotiations to allow a maximum of 1000 family members per month to join them. Immigration is expected to reach 180,000 people per year.000 to 220.000 people do not exceed.

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