Presentation in old walls

Presentation in old walls

The worktops stand on wooden trestles or float above the floor, held by ropes stretched over the roof beams. A blower blows warm air loudly into the room, students sit on the chairs and look spellbound at their laptop screens. Red brick on the walls, the beamer throws the sketches on the inside wall of a wooden garage door.In the former machine and storage room of burgerbrau, 13 students from the technical university of munich have set up a creative workshop. Your goal: to work out ways of integrating the roughly 4000 square meter site into the development of the city center. There is no lack of ideas.
The owner of the flat is enthusiastic in any case. "Working together is fun,", says jens fiebig. There are no finished plans yet, but there are some preliminary designs, which the students are looking at together with their professor mark michaeli on the converted garage door. "We have to find new strategies for the development of inner cities", says michaeli and describes kitzingen as a prototype, a model for other cities. "Valuable areas in the center of a city that lie fallow and unused are becoming more and more common." Fresh ideas are therefore highly welcome – although every city needs individual solutions. "That's why we're also on site to first analyze the situation in and around the burgerbrau area in detail."

Involving the public

By the end of april, the students had not only explored the alleys and houses, but also sought a conversation with the people of kitzing. The public should also be involved in the further development process. A workshop is planned for the day of the open monument on 9. In september the designs will be exhibited in burgerbrau. Fiebig is also planning tours of the former brewery.
Unlike previous discussions, this time the owner is involved from the very beginning. He sits at the table and looks at the first results of the students, he has also signed a cooperation agreement with the city. It includes not only the current cooperation with the students, but also the further proceeding. "We want to work in partnership to see how we can combine private and municipal interests, explains head of the building department oliver graumann – and jens fiebig nods in agreement.

Development in small steps

Shopping center, small stores, cinema, apartments? There are many ideas to use the gelande. "But the question must always be, what would be the most positive for the city and for the owner", says professor michaeli. There will certainly not be a quick and final solution. "Development will only be gradual."
In june/july the results will be presented and discussed. Later, every citizen will hold a brochure in his or her hand. "We hope that the process will also fuel the discussion about the future of the city, michaeli says. In his view, the city definitely has potential for development. "The material is there, it just needs to be brought to the surface." Like the enthusiasm of the people of kitzingen for their city. "Kitzingen is perceived more positively by the public than by the people of kitzingen themselves", the professor quotes a first result of the studies.

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