The city of eltmann is considering the creation of a peace forest

the city of eltmann is considering the creation of a peace forest

"The age poverty is female and with the remuneration we have still a striking difference for the same performed work between man and woman. Moreover, we women are still underrepresented in politics." The chairwoman of the women's union eltmann, elvira sieper, who was unanimously confirmed in office at the new election, put these three points at the center of her accountability report. She emphasized the need for commitment and political involvement.

Elvira sieper spoke of a politically exciting time in which even old issues were discussed again and again. If women earn 21 percent less than men, this means that women work 77 days for nothing. Only the women from the czech republic and estonia are worse off. The local chairwoman fears that this is leading to a dramatic increase in old-age poverty.

Another area of concern is that there will be a shortage of 740000 caregivers in 30 years. Short-term care is already no longer available in upper franconia; those affected have been referred to the czech republic. The issue is also becoming a problem in the habberge district, which is why the district administrator wants to get involved.

With a view to the upcoming municipal elections, she pointed out that women are still underrepresented in politics, at 30.9 percent. The numbers of women in the mayor's office in particular have declined sharply. This is where we should start and put the women in promising places.

The election

The eltmann local branch of the women's union has 39 members. Elvira sieper was unanimously confirmed as chairwoman in the election. Her deputies were waltraud hofmann and marion roth. Verena schonmuller was appointed treasurer and madeleine schor was appointed secretary. Sabine steinhauser, jutta fritzmann, birgit kronert, hannelore wittig, gisela werb and karolin roder are members of the committee. The cash audits barbara reuther and elisabeth engel.

Mayor michael ziegler (CSU) regretted that party work is becoming increasingly difficult in today's world. But it is necessary to get involved in politics because you can make a difference. He addressed the current city council policy.

"At the moment we are experiencing a boom in children and we have to think about where we can accommodate them from 2019/20 onwards. We have reached the limit of our capacity, but we will look for a solution and find it." A few years ago, the number of births in the city was still 48 to 50 per year, but now there are 70 children. This poses challenges, because the four kindergartens are all occupied.

The development will also have an impact on the elementary school, where eltmann may once again have three classes. Young families are asking for building sites; one can even speak of a housing shortage, said ziegler. A reason is also the interest from bamberg, because there the real estate is now very expensive.

Last resting place and indoor swimming pool

Another topic: burials outside the cemetery have become increasingly popular, which is why eltmann is considering the creation of a kind of peace forest. Burgermeister ziegler mentioned the meadow or the small forest at the kriegergedachtniskapelle (war memorial chapel).

The discussion about an indoor swimming pool in the main valley also came up for discussion. In the neighboring town of zeil, the indoor swimming pool will be closed at the end of july; however, there is still a need for such an indoor pool in the district, for example for swimming lessons. It does not matter whether the indoor swimming pool is built in zeil, eltmann or at another location, greim explains. It is not only about the construction costs, but also about the maintenance, which, for example, ranges between 220,000 and 250,000 euros per year in the eltmann open-air swimming pool. "We are happy to help pay for zeil. But when we renovate our open-air pool, the ile communities also have to pay", is the statement of the city leader. The ten ile communities are eltmann, knetzgau, sand, rauhenebrach, oberaurach, zeil, ebelsbach, stettfeld, kirchlauter and breitbrunn. Ile heibt integrated rural development.

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