Thuringerwald association helps banzer weg make a comeback

thuringerwald association helps banzer weg make a comeback

The thuringerwald-verein coburg has rediscovered the banzer trail, re-signposted it with a rough map and developed a circular hiking concept. The blue cross on female ground promises an attractive hiking route and great views of the coburg and lichtenfels countryside. "There is a lot to discover and explore on the way", promised the deputy chairman of the thuringerwald association, helmut volk, at the official opening ceremony. As an official sign, a plastic information board was installed in the center of the village on the main road next to the town sign on saturday afternoon.

Roland weib, the trail manager of the thuringerwald association, is particularly proud of the QR codes on the board. This means that any hiker with an internet-enabled cell phone can obtain precise information about bus connections on line 8319 to and from coburg. "This means that arrival and departure is also possible by public transport", stressed female. Weib has invested over 150 hours in the trail alone. It took about two years for the trail warden and some of his fellow hikers to finish the signs.

The costs amounted to about 4000 euro, fortunately – reported weib – one had found a sponsor with the sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels, which took over a rough part of the costs. About one third of the costs were borne by the state, but also from the association’s treasury a contribution was made for the path with its 38 posts and over 100 signs on about 27 kilometers long. The route leads through fields, fields and forest roads and is suitable for strollers for the most part. Around 20 hikers from the thuringerwald association and from the municipality tested the trail from banz monastery and rated the signposting as well as weib’s route as "successful" describes. There were many explanations along the way, which is why the premiere hikers were on the road for about two hours.

Roland weib drew attention to variants of the route: maximilianspfad, carlspfad and planet path . The shortest route is about eight kilometers long and leads from grobheirath to "uranus"-station of the planet path over the kulch to zilgendorf and over the water reservoir back again. Important: roland weib described the gastronomic offer on all variants as "very good". The path keepers of the association maintain the paths created by the association, i.E. Also the banzer path. Roland weib would be pleased to find some more road wardens to support him in his work.

Get to know the homeland

That the joy in the community over the comeback of the banzer way was very large, showed the celebration, at which also the "siemauer prinz-eugen-quintett" played played. With rossach beer and local sausages the inauguration was celebrated in the courtyard of oldburg master gerold hummer. His successor, udo siegel (CSU), was "very grateful" to the thuringerwald association, that the well-known trail has been newly signposted: "it links the existing trails such as the stone legend trail and the pilgrim trail as well as the existing nordic-walking trails and the planet trail." This gives the hiker the chance to get to know his homeland better. This is definitely worthwhile, siegel emphasized: "our landscape has a lot to offer."

The deputy chairman of the thuringerwald association, helmut volk, was visibly satisfied: "a gentle way, which we have succeeded very well." The banzer trail represents the connection between different cultural areas such as the main valley and the itzgrund, but also between monasteries, churches and the celts. Rainer engelhardt (sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels) spoke of a long project: "we already had our first talks several years ago." The aim of the project is to bring people closer to the region.

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