Traffic police: waldgrundstuck near bamberg remains favorite

traffic police: waldgrundstuck near bamberg remains favorite

The dispute over the hauptsmoor forest is shaping up to be a tough one. The bavarian ministry of the interior has reaffirmed its commitment to the controversial site at moosstrabe for the construction of the new traffic police station (VPI). Neither the tank washing area nor an extension of the existing buildings on schildstrabe are acceptable solutions from the point of view of the free state.

If a new police station were to be built on the planned site, almost three hectares of forest would have to be felled – a horror scenario for many in bamberg. The intersection of moosstrabe and armystrabe is the main access to the hauptsmoorwald recreation area, and is equally popular with walkers, cyclists and joggers.

"The real estate state of bavaria had already been in talks with the city of bamberg since 2013 with a view to acquiring a plot of land for a traffic police station on the conversion site." Several alternative sites have been chosen, such as the tank washing area, emphasizes martin scholtysik, spokesman for the ministry of the interior. During the voting, however, it became clear that the site in the main moorland forest was not suitable "for police tactical and construction reasons" is suitable and has a good highway connection.

Why the considerations for the rough conversion site have come to nothing is explained only vaguely. The spokesman of the ministry of the interior says that in the meantime large parts have been claimed by the federal police and the city wants to create a model project for affordable housing on the conversion site.
Such a thing is not known in bamberg of course. It is possible that this statement refers to the privately financed housing construction on the lagarde barracks.

The ministry of the interior also clearly rejects plans to increase the density of the existing police station at schlildstrabe. This had the burgerinitiative "fur den hauptsmoorwald" the idea of an alternative was brought up, also because such a solution would have advantages for the police. But according to scholtysik, even this solution had to be rejected "because the required traffic areas and buildings with 1,000 square meters and 78 employees could not be realized on this site under any circumstances.

The citizens’ initiative "for the main marsh forest contradicts this statement. Even from an aerial view, one could see that there was enough open space around the police building to allow for expansion along the lines of the neighboring employment agency – for example, by building over the employee parking lot or an underground garage with a multi-story building above it. According to the citizens’ initiative, the current police site on schildstrabe only occupies about one-third of the over-planned land in the main moorland forest, but is still large enough for three police stations, including the bamberg-city and bamberg-country police station. The slight advantage of the route from moosstrabe to the bamberg-east freeway slip road could be compensated for with an alarm exit with appropriate traffic lights.
From the initiative’s point of view, it is also incomprehensible why no agreement could be reached between the federal police and the state police on the size of the conversion area of over 120 hectares in bamberg. "Such a vote should be possible, because the responsible ministers are party friends."

Last but not least, the citizens’ initiative also suggests including plots of land on the district’s territory. After all, district administrator johann kalb (CSU) had offered this himself.
Admittedly: this variant met with fierce rejection from the city of bamberg. From the point of view of mayor christian lange (CSU), the transfer of traffic police to the district would be "a bitter loss of centrality for the city".

Lange promotes the solution also favored by the free state of bavaria. As he says, in the event of a new building, a new access for recreational activities to the main moor forest is to be created. For the cleared areas in the forest the free state must create compensation elsewhere.

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