295. Scapular festival in st. Agidius lahm

295. Scapular festival in st. Agidius lahm

Wonderful moments of being in touch and pausing and being on the way. Celebrated for the first time in 1726, the scapular festival of the parish of st. Agidius lahm has lost none of his appeal even after 294 years. Tradition centers on the acceptance of new members into the scapular brotherhood at the eucharistic service on sunday afternoon.

All believers, of course, also from other parishes, can be accepted and registered in the fraternity book from the time of their first communion. They place themselves under the protection of mary and commit themselves to a christian lifestyle.

"Unfortunately, we can not celebrate the festival this year in the usual form", regrets pastor sven raube. Since in the past always a lot of believers from the whole frankenwald to the memorial day "our dear lady on mount carmel" the church in lahm had always had a service tent set up for this purpose during the weekend.

Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, this is not possible this year, nor is a procession of the virgin mary through the village after the eucharistic service on sunday afternoon, as the prescribed distance and hygiene regulations are difficult to observe. Also a hospitality of the guests will not take place. "The scapular feast is not cancelled, but is celebrated differently this year", says pastor sven raube.


On the altarpiece of the left side altar in the parish church of st. Agidius lahm: our lady is seen handing a long brown cloth to a kneeling religious. The order man is simon stock, in 13. Century order general of the karmeliten.

According to tradition, on the 16th. July 1251 the mother of god, holding a scapular in his hand. She presented it to him with the words: "this is a sign for you and a privilege for all carmelites. He who dies in this robe will be saved from the eternal flames."

The vision of simon stock is at the beginning of the devotion to the scapular. The scapular is worn by both religious and lay people. Especially after the 17. In the nineteenth century it became a popular sign of trust in the mother of god. During this period, numerous scapular confraternities were founded, for example in bamberg and in 1726 in lahm.

The scapular is originally part of the habit of the religious. It is a long length of fabric that is worn over the shoulders and falls down to the front and back of the head.

Medal as a substitute

The small scapular of the brotherhoods consists of two pieces of cloth, which are connected with ribbons and which one wears under the clothes. The scapular could be described as a dress of the order in miniature format. It also symbolizes the protective mantle of mary.

As a substitute for the scapular, one can wear a medal embossed for this purpose.

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