A dog bite with consequences

It was a funny thing that came up in the proceedings. An entrepreneur from the eastern district was accused of a negligent bodily injury, which a female hiker had to pay for. The fact that his dog had bitten these people on 25. June 2019 between 6 p.M. And 7 p.M. Bit into his thigh, the 56-year-old nevertheless strongly doubted.

His dog was already in 2014 and 2016 conspicuous and attacked people. But this had always happened under the opposite sign, the man stated. Because in the first case a walker had maltreated the dog with sticks and in the second case a cyclist had kicked him. "If my dog was aggressive, I would have shot him long ago", so the 56-year-old against judge daniela jensch.

The victim who had to travel from thuringia was not there. So it was about them or. Talked about her, and in the process, the entrepreneur remembered the incident from his point of view. "The woman was wearing shorts and I did not see a thigh bite." When he rushed to her aid after the alleged or actual incident, the woman accidentally "rolled" backwards into a creek. But the woman did not want to be helped to get out of the creek, and "when I went to get my bandages, she disappeared from the face of the earth, the man continues.

A month later, however, he received a report of the incident. A police officer, who tried to investigate the matter at the time, also took the witness stand. "I also tried in vain to reach the woman and write to her," says michaeli, this is one of his experiences with the allegedly or actually harmed woman. Also, the officer said that the dog in his eyes "a balanced impression" had mediated. However, judge jensch raised the question of whether the dog was really so peaceful or whether there was not more to the incidents of 2014 and 2016. And once again the missing woman was called by announcement as a witness for room 14, but she was still absent.

In the end, the result of the procedure led to a compromise. The 600 euros demanded from the entrepreneur by the penalty order were to become 300 euros. This to pay the man agreed. The matter is now off the table. MH

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