A new digital project is to appeal more to young people

In the youngest meeting of the market town council there were decisions about landscaping works, the setting of firewood prices and frankens saalestuck – about the future organization as a special purpose association. The youth is to be addressed more in the future with the "digital project youth work".

Mayor gotthard schlereth emphasized that he himself has a good insight into youth work and has been present at every subcommittee meeting. At "digital he nevertheless referred to younger responsible persons and handed over the word to the third mayor mario gotz.

"Have your say and help shape your home community of oberthulba", heibt the new youth project including a homepage. On this guideline one could enter a pro and contra as well as an evaluation for the entered ideas. The platform is now to be filled with life. It is hoped that it will become more interactive from week to week. In addition, it will be presented live at the next castle meetings.

Work on the kindergarten

The gardening and landscaping work at the daycare center in thulba is awarded to the friedrich company from langendorf at a price of around 256,000 euros. Not yet included in the sum is the complete fencing of the property.

The council also agreed that the frankens saalestuck tourism working group will in future be organized as a special-purpose association and instructed the administration to draw up a constitution. The mayors of the participating towns and municipalities and representatives of the district of bad kissingen, together with the tourism consulting firm "project m", have discussed the future organization as a special-purpose association a guideline for a new orientation of frankens saalestuck was worked out.

The status report on a traffic inspection dealt with the signposting of the oberthulba-hassenbach footpath and cycle path and a one-way parking ban, as well as a no-stopping zone for trucks in oberthulba on the schieferstein. In closing, mayor schlereth noted that feedback on the alliance day had been good across the board.

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