Almost a thorny sleep

Almost a thorny sleep

Years ago, the office of the tower keeper was an important office in the board of the rhonklub-zweigverein munnerstadt, because for more than 40 years the club has had the most beautiful clubhouse of all rhonklubs up and down the country, the jorgentor. But times are changing.

The tower, which belongs to the city, is in need of major renovation in the upper area. The stairs are a major problem for the members, complains egbert haut, chairman of the association for the past five years. Most of the members are now well over 70 years of age and have had serious problems climbing the steep and sometimes rickety stairs that lead to the upper floors of the tower.

A storage room

Years ago there were various events in the tower, the chairman reports. "We have invited to the feather-weaving and to the may punch, but the interest was not very coarse", he says. Today, the tower still serves as a storage room for various utensils, and in summer, when it is warm enough, the board meets on the second floor.

This summer, however, no meetings were held here due to the corona pandemic. When it gets colder, the board meets in a guest room, as do other club boards. This boardroom was once a youth room with a workbench, because the rhonklub had an active youth group "but they have all grown up". That is why this dream of the youth became the meeting room for the board of directors.

Not to forget: at home game performances and at the "open day of the monument" the tower was open. The home game performances have been canceled this year anyway. The "day of the open monument took place virtually, the tower would not have been opened this year for it. "It’s so cramped in the tower that I can’t imagine a sensible hygiene concept. At most two people could get in at once and that doesn’t make sense", emphasizes egbert haut. Larger events, such as general meetings, have always been held in guest rooms, because the tower rooms are much too small for that.

At the moment, the association does not have much work to do with the tower: "turn the water on in the spring and off again in the fall", describes the chairman. This was quite different in earlier times. In the upper part of the funnelled tower, in the half-timbered area, the rhonklub had set up overnight accommodations, which were also gladly used. In the boardroom was the kitchen, further upstairs a lounge and dining room. At that time the already mentioned tower keeper was important to organize all this.

But for years now, no one has been allowed to spend the night here because of fire protection regulations imposed by the authorities, as it would have been difficult to rescue anyone from the upper floors in case of emergency. There were discussions about a rescue hose or an emergency staircase at the gate. In the general meetings of the rhonklub, it was discussed several times whether the club should not give the keys back to the city. But so far there was no majority. "The jorgentor costs us practically nothing, except for water and electricity, so the incidental costs are minimal. This is of particular interest to the members", egbert haut adds.

Truss rotten

Already at the end of march 2019, some parts of the truss had loosened and fallen onto the road, making emergency securing necessary. At the end of october last year, a headline in the newspaper read: "danger in delay at jorgentor." Experts had noticed that many of the half-timbered beams in the upper area were completely rotten. The damage is at least partly related to a renovation in 1982, when additional walls were grouted inside. Therefore, an extensive and probably not cheap renovation of the upper part jorgentor is now necessary.

Upper floors cleared

In the run-up to this work, the two upper floors, which housed bunk beds that had long since fallen into disuse, were cleared out. The rooms are now empty for the time being. Egbert haut does not expect them to be used again. In april of last year, the newspaper reported that the mayor at the time, helmut blank, could again imagine accommodations in the jorgentor and considered an emergency staircase conceivable. This topic seems to be off the table. The emergency staircase at the gate would be very expensive, says egbert haut "and besides, the question is whether the monument protection authorities would even approve it".

However, this does not mean that the chapter of jorgentor is completely closed for the company. "The mayor has no objection to us staying in", says the chairman. Until the next annual general meeting in three years, nothing will move here. Why the club is so attached to jorgentor? "The question is justified, but not answerable", he says. "Many members put their heart and soul into it", two years ago, at a general meeting, honorary chairman baldur kolb expressed it as follows.

Still many other tasks

Skin points out that the rhon club is not out of work with or without the tower. He takes care of hiking trails to bildhausen, rottershausen, bad kissingen, bad bocklet and strahlungen as well as the fridritter cross, for example.

In addition, numerous hikes take place. The planned trips had to be canceled this year because of corona.

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