Candidates sought for new kjr leadership

Candidates sought for new kjr leadership

The district youth council (KJR) held its plenary meeting in the new rooms of the respiratory protection center of the kronach fire department. The main focus was the election of the new board members in the coming year.

Silence. A disconcerted silence and slowly resignation spread. Then a young man raises his hand and says in a firm voice, "I am ready for this." Everyone breathes a sigh of relief. One could almost have thought that bjorn schmittdiel had made himself available for a questionable experiment, but this evening he filled the gap in the board that had arisen due to the departure of claudia russ. In the future, this medal will be found in nurnberg, where – in the words of chairman andy fischer – it will delve deeper into the mystery of the catholic church." She was now a parish worker in training and it was time to say goodbye. Andy fischer gave her not only a heartfelt thank you, but also a small gift and a short video clip with many fond memories of her time at the KJR.

And then spoke the "langhaarfuzzi", as he prefers to call himself, a few serious words: "you know my heart beats for you, and i know what it means to shoulder additional youth work, but the sparkle in the children’s eyes is also a reward that is worth more than many other things." His main concern that evening was the next year’s elections, when some of the members of the board will certainly retire. Besides, they would also like to fulfill the quota of women. "We are not an elitist circle, but open to all", he wooed potential candidates. To give them a chance to get an idea of what it’s like to be a member of the board of directors, a brunch was offered to break down inhibition thresholds. A date in march is planned, but still before the municipal elections.

He also referred to a planned podium discussion on 5. December with the district council candidates for 2020 in the event barn of cafe kitsch in kronach.

The resolutions passed by the delegates on this evening also concerned the young pilots, whose membership in the district youth council (BJR) had been terminated on their recommendation. But andy fischer emphasized: "with us, the door never stays closed forever." Katharina stubenrauch, head of the BJR upper franconia, also came to kronach again and presented her favorite topic, the "jufinale", to those present to the heart: "i will not rest until there is also a film from kronach. Take advantage of the opportunities that are offered to you. Take advantage of the media coach, attend the workshops."

Deanery youth officer erich gahnz turned the dry topic of "grant guidelines" into a new topic to provide a glimmer of hope for the delegates. "Are there things for which you think there should be a grant?? We are currently collecting suggestions to adapt the guidelines to reality." As a suggestion, he gave the idea of perhaps including club jerseys or one-day overnight stays.Until christmas the members should think about it, to pass the list on to the office of the KJR.

Andy fischer also outlined the work plan for 2020. A trip to berlin and the baltic sea with a visit to the bundestag is planned. Fischer described it as an "experiment for the 14 to 17 age group." He became emotional on the subject of "youth-political interface work". Here he is "fighting an endless inner battle that is drawing all my energy. The burgerspital is still stuck in my back like a knife." His speculation as to why the "cooperation with politics" is so important the special price also wants to be maintained, but it was more in the direction of "non-political hairstyle or wrong outfit", because: ‘it can’t be because of the content.’" he signaled a constant willingness to talk, but still could not find a ladder to the top. "I don’t want to be a blockade anymore, that’s why I don’t know if I’ll take over the position again next year."

The KJR wants to purchase a new play mobile in 2020. Eva wicklein lamented the poor state in which the old is in. "Besides, next year the tuv will be fallig and it will be hard to get through. On top of that, the equipment is no longer up to date."

"We are breaking away from ‘kronach leuchtet." Andy fischer took aim at the youth award 2020 and said: "this has put far too much pressure on you as an association. Now we would like to produce something with everyone that covers a full calendar year." At the end of the year there will be a youth prize that will be awarded. The special price will also be maintained. Suggested topics that had been collected under this item were among others.A. The 30-year wall opening and gender justice. Maria loffler

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