Court decides: bohmermann’s “schmahgedicht” remains banned?

Court decides: bohmermann's

Bohmermann's satirical poem remains banned? The hanseatic higher regional court (OLG) will rule on the 15. May decide whether the "schmahgedicht" will remain banned of the TV presenter jan bohmermann remains banned in coarse parts. The senate considers the decision of the regional court to be carefully reasoned, said the presiding judge of the OLG civil senate, andreas buske, at an appeal hearing in hamburg on tuesday.
Insulting the majesty is now no longer punishable in germany

the poem is directed against turkish president recep tayyip erdogan, who wanted to have the plant banned completely. However, the court dismissed its so-called "anschlussberufung" in this regard.

Satire is not without limits

The TV presenter is defending himself legally against the ban on large parts of his "dirty poem". He had the verses on 31. March 2016 in his broadcast "neo magazin royale" presented on zdfneo. The senate made it clear that the contribution was satire.

Freedom of satire is not without limits, said judge buske. If it interferes with human dignity, it will reach its limits. The lower court upheld erdogan's claim in its ruling of 10. February 2017 partially upheld and prohibited bohmermann from using certain "defamatory" statements passages of the text to be repeated.

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