Disappearance of georgine: life imprisonment for 44-year-old man

disappearance of georgine: life imprisonment for 44-year-old man

She wanted to become a model or actress. But the dream of the berlin schoolgirl georgine (14) ends jah. On 25. September 2006 the girl does not arrive home on the way from school. Never again a sign of life.

Almost 14 years after georgine’s mysterious disappearance, the capital’s regional court has now sentenced a 44-year-old father from the neighborhood to life in prison for murder and rape.

Georgine kruger, known as gina, came out of school that day. Around 13.50 o’clock she got off the bus M27 in the berlin district moabit. About 200 meters separated the schoolgirl from her family’s apartment, where her grandmother was waiting with lunch. Around 14.06 o’clock the grandmother called her granddaughter. There was a dial tone, but no one answered the call. After that, the cell phone was no longer switched on.

For judge michael mattern it is clear that the unemployed neighbor lured the helpful and at the same time naive girl into his basement in a tenement building. There, he had beaten her unconscious and had been molesting the 14-year-old girl. In order to cover up the rape, he aroused the schoolgirl, according to the verdict. He wrapped the body in a dark carpet and "disposed of it in the garbage" during the night. He smashed the cell phone and threw the pieces into the toilet. Clothes and bag disappeared in a container.

For years, all traces led nowhere – investigators followed up 336 leads. Until a homicide commission learned in april 2016 that a man from the neighborhood of the missing schoolgirl had been sentenced to probation for sexually assaulting a teenager in his basement. Investigators determined that his cell phone was logged into the same cell as georgine’s cell phone on the day of the disappearance.

Starting in june 2017, three undercover investigators were put on the suspect’s trail. They befriended him and his family – and brought the talk to georgine. Until he gave a detailed account of the schoolgirl’s death to one of the undercover investigators. The transcript of the conversation covers about 200 pages. In december 2018 the suspected perpetrator was arrested.

The trial, which lasted more than seven months, was unusual because the court relied mainly on this voice recording. There was no DNA evidence, not a single fiber, not a body. And the defendant remained silent.

But the secret recording was allowed to be used as evidence? Judge mattern: "a very clear yes." One of the undercover investigators had applied a criminalistic ruse – as an instrument of crime fighting.

The 44-year-old had told the police that he had been framed and that he had just made the whole thing up. He had been promised 100,000 euros by the undercover investigator for the allegedly desired death of an "annoying girlfriend. He was after the money.

The german with turkish roots accepted the verdict behind bulletproof glass without moving. During the reasoning he closed his eyes again and again, did not move. When the trial began 4692 days after georgine’s absence, the defendant seemed unconcerned. He even threw a kissing hand to friends on the audience bench. During the following 45 days of the trial, during which 83 witnesses and two experts were questioned, the father of three with mottled gray hair shook his head almost imperceptibly.

The verdict was essentially in line with the prosecution’s demand. The defenders had pleaded for acquittal. They spoke of a "provoked false self-incrimination".

On the day of her disappearance, georgine wanted to introduce herself to a casting agency. She had an offer that made her shine: an extra role in the ARD early evening series "turkisch fur anfanger. The court therefore ruled that it was impossible for her to leave home voluntarily.

The mother of the girl sat opposite the accused on tuesday – as if petrified. Later her lawyer roland weber said: "it was another sad day for her."

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