Forchheim: the dark side of the barbecue season

Forchheim: the dark side of the barbecue season

The sun beams down from the sky and the temperatures rise. The beautiful spring weather in the region invites people to barbecue outdoors at the weekend. But if you visit the public barbecue sites in forchheim, you may be in for a rude surprise. This is what happened to our reader gerhard kummerer this week when he discovered the completely covered barbecue sites on the lock island. Emport he sent a photo to the french day on wednesday: empty food wrappers, aluminum foil, handkerchiefs and paper plates lie on the floor next to the fireplace, on the tables and benches. And this, although in the background a waste garbage can stands.

On the facebook page of the french tag forchheim the pictures triggered a storm of indignation. Over 220 users reacted angrily to the pollution, in more than 88 comments FT fans gave vent to their anger.

Spring means a lot of work for city cleaning

The employees of the city of forchheim's building and grounds department know the problem of dirty barbecue pits only too well. "As soon as the weather is better, the places are really regularly dirty", confirms head of the building yard klaus bartosch. Especially after weekends and holidays, the cleaning teams had to pick up a lot of mull. Johann sporl is one of them. "You clean up on friday, come back on monday and it looks even worse", reports sporl. For the men and women of the building and grounds department, spring is one of the busiest times of the year.

Gauze problem also in the city parks

Leftover gauze is not only a problem on sports and lock island; cleaners often find carelessly discarded litter in forchheim's city parks as well. "Since the warmer temperatures, the city park at the ritter von traitteur school, for example, has also become very dirty, female bartosch. Johann sporl and his colleagues emphasize that it is not the city's cleaning service that is responsible for the litter, but reckless visitors and local residents. "It fails because of personal responsibility. Some people act on the principle that "someone will clean it up", says sporl.

More surveillance does not pay off

There are enough trash cans in the city area. On the sports island alone, there are a total of 40 waste bins that are emptied regularly. If these are full, guests should put their mull next to it. One reason why the barbecue areas on the islands in particular are often dirty could be their hidden location. "People don't feel they are being watched back there. But if we were to illuminate the places, it would still not be better", says yard manager bartosch. Nor does he think anything of fines or more surveillance. Bartosch thinks: "it doesn't pay off. Actually helps there only that one points again and again to the waste mountains."

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