Kindergarten to be rebuilt

Kindergarten to be rebuilt

Only three building sites are left in the new "leite" building area free in kirchlauter. All the others are sold or reserved, as the municipal council kirchlauter learned in its recent meeting. This was mainly about the further status of the first mayor (see report next to it) and other points.

Mayor karl-heinz kandler informed about a new demand program for the broadband expansion, which concerns the town halls. For the town hall in kirchlauter could be therefore 20000 euros, which one wants to apply for. Also the commercial area "eltmanner weg and "semm" in neubrunn is to be equipped with fiber optics, as is the "grobe stuck" in kirchlauter and the weiler, so that the community would then be well positioned.

At the "upper economy in neubrunn the crane for the renovation will be erected this week. Then the grillhutte will be torn down and the work will continue with the windows and the interior embankment.

Concerning the extension of the kindergarten "kunterbunt" in kirchlauter the mayor reported from an official meeting. The question of whether the municipality wants to take over the kindergarten was also discussed. So far, it has been in the hands of the church.

In any case, the expansion of the nursery was discussed in advance, with the current bookshop to be converted into a bedroom for the children. The municipality expects to have 14 children in the nursery in 2020. In addition, the mayor said, the toilet facilities were to be expanded. "If the church administration agrees here, then we of the municipality stand gun to fub", assured kandler.

Digitization of the school

Digitization has begun at the kirchlauter elementary school and a document camera and a beamer have been purchased following a request for 8000 euros. With the broadband expansion, around 130,000 euros were invested in digitization after a further extension, the mayor explained.

According to kandler, the district administration overturned the decision made at the association’s meeting during the dispute with the municipality of ebelsbach over the middle school. The reason is that such a decision has to be made by the entire municipal council.

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