Language association looks at youth with concern

Language association looks at youth with concern

Friends" instead of "friends" – the german language association (VDS) is very strict – especially with words used by young people. "Language accompanies us our whole lives," said jorg bonisch of the association.

Many adolescents, however, could not express themselves adequately. They increasingly used english words or sometimes didn’t strike the right note with employers. "There’s something wrong," said the language expert.

From thursday on, according to his statements, the association wants to exchange information about the current developments at the language days in halle. Participants from azerbaijan, ghana and tunisia also came to the four-day meeting, said bonisch. This year’s motto is "language and education in changing times". Host is regional group from saxony-anhalt.

The decay of language begins at an early age, bonisch explains. Fewer dictations were written in elementary schools. The so-called "schulausgangsschrift" – i.E., the common written script – has not been taught for several years. In addition, more and more german lessons have been cut in many federal states. In addition, young people are increasingly using smartphones and laptops and abbreviating many words when writing or expressing thoughts with the help of symbols.

It is important to sensitize the young generation to the importance of language awareness, bonisch said. Because a good tone is important both on the construction site and in the upscale hotel. Schools and training centers could pave the way for this. More german lessons, more demands in leisure time, demanded bonisch. Initiatives such as the "easy language" project have also been helpful. Brochures or forms are written in understandable language without foreign words, jumbled sentences and technical terms. The expert explained that this facilitates access to texts.

Nevertheless, many young people are not at an adequate level of language proficiency when they start their training, to the annoyance of employers. In larger companies, there is even after-school training to prepare young workers for the job.

In addition to the language days, the association is also trying to draw attention to the problems with the "language prankster of the year". This year, users online were able to criticize, among others, heidi klum, who likes to use english terms like "friends" or "makeover," or the federal minister of transport andreas scheuer (CSU) with his bicycle helmet campaign "looks like shit. But saves my life" as a negative example of elections.

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