Madonna thrills with surprise gig

Madonna thrills with surprise gig

Legendary new york gay bar stonewall inn has thanked madonna (60) for her surprise appearance on new year’s eve. "Throughout her career, madonna has been a strong advocate for equality for all," the operators wrote on facebook on wednesday.

The pop singer appeared on stage after midnight with her adopted son david (13) to sing her anthem "like a prayer" and the elvis classic "can’t help falling in love". Videos of the uninformed performance were posted on the internet by several party guests.

The bar on christopher street in june 1969 was the starting point for the first, rough resistance against state discrimination against homosexuals and marks the beginning of the gay and lesbian movement. This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the events at the stonewall inn.

"50 years of sacrifice and standing up against discrimination, hate and disinterest. And it all started here," madonna said in a short speech. "Let’s not forget the stonewall uprising and those who bravely stood up and said, ‘enough is enough’."

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