Party note: bavarian state foundation calls for johanna kirchner house in marktbreit

A demand promise of the bavarian land foundation for the reorganization and the new building of the AWO transitional facility johanna kirchner house in marktbreit announced the landtagsabgeorneten barbara becker (CSU, wiesenbronn) and volkmar halbleib (SPD, ochsenfurt) after the youngest meeting of the foundation advice in munich.

A grant in the amount of 266.000 euros – that’s 4.5 percent of the total cost of around 5.9 million euros – the foundation’s board of trustees has now approved the AWO’s lower franconia district association, according to a statement from the delegates. For mdl becker, deputy member of the foundation council, this is an important signal for improving the care structure for mentally ill people in the region.

With the renovation and new construction, the quality of living in the facility will increase and the therapeutic services can be improved. In addition, the number of places on offer will be increased from 44 to 53. "Mental illness has been on the rise for years and is often still a taboo subject in our society. It is therefore all the more important to create suitable therapies that provide the best possible support for mentally impaired people, according to becker’s press release.

Mdl halbleib, a member of the foundation’s council, emphasizes: "this example shows that it is definitely worth submitting applications to the state foundation. I can only keep reminding municipalities, private owners, organizations and institutions to do this even more often. My wish is that even more money from the state foundation will go to the region in the future."

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