Saxony-anhalt election: cdu politicians distance themselves from afd

Saxony-anhalt election: cdu politicians distance themselves from afd

Leading CDU politicians have clearly distanced themselves from the afd one week before the eagerly awaited state elections in saxony-anhalt.

CDU leader armin laschet again clearly demarcated himself from the afd and warned against any thought of cooperation with the right-wing populists. "Anyone who thinks about cooperating with the afd will meet with the bundled resistance of the entire CDU," laschet said monday, according to participants in deliberations of his party’s presidium, some of which were organized in prasenz in berlin and some online.

Against the background of the election of the economist max otte as the new chairman of the conservative grouping werte-union, laschet emphasized: "this grouping has nothing to do with the CDU". Neither substantively, nor structurally, nor organizationally – or in any other way."According to media reports, fund manager otte was chairman of the board of trustees of the afd-affiliated desiderius erasmus foundation until january 2021.

The important thing is "not to try to follow the afd, copy it or move to the right. CDU needs clear demarcation from afd," saar minister president tobias hans says. Party vice president thomas strobl said: "of course saxony-anhalt needs a stable government with a strong prime minister haseloff in these difficult times."

Hans said that there are many people who are inclined to vote for the afd and who are therefore not right-wing. "But it must be made clear to them that if they put their cross there, they are making themselves common with partly right-wing extremist ideologies. But this cannot be achieved through paternalism, it cannot be achieved through the exclusion of citizens, but through clear demarcation in party politics."It is a question of whether the country can continue to rely on sustainable jobs and good educational opportunities, "or whether the country will sink into chaos with an afd.".

CDU deputy chairwoman julia klockner said that against the backdrop of approval for the populists and splittists from the afd, it was becoming very clear that the CDU had to become number one in saxony-anhalt. The CDU had "said very clearly that we will no longer form a coalition with the afd, no matter where, and that will remain the case."

With regard to remarks made by the federal government’s representative for the east, marco wanderwitz (CDU), who told the "FAZ podcast for germany" that part of the population had "established non-democratic views," klockner said that it was wanderwitz’s task as the representative for the east to address the differences between east and west with regard to the afd in a differentiated manner. "So not to overtune everything, but to address questions where they arise."

Prasidium member norbert rottgen praised wanderwitz for sparking an important discussion. The high proportion of afd voters could not be concealed, but could not be put in a category either. "We have to talk about germany again and about the fact that east and west are developing in completely different directions. This is a topic."

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