Short clip instead of long sermon

Short clip instead of long sermon

"I had not even dreamed of such a response", says pastor gerd kirchner, looking at an impressive statistic. In the meantime, the youtube account of the evangelische kirchengemeinde bad bruckenau has almost 9000 hits. For around eight months now, the pastor has been a regular presence on the internet with striking words and moving images.

Son robin had the idea

The whole story was started by the son of a pastor, robin kirchner. "Since the beginning of march there was a discussion in our house how to continue the service during the corona pandemic", the 27-year-old, who graduated in september with a degree in process engineering, recalls. He came up with the idea of creating short video devotions. "My father was skeptical at the beginning about using the possibilities offered by platforms like youtube, the junior looks back at the initial situation. "Maybe it was the fact that he had to break down time-wise from a one-hour service to a ten- to fifteen-minute sermon."

Powerful clips

The concept, however, had been developed after an "exchange of different arguments between the generations" had been clear very quickly. Expressive clips with suitable pictures or small film sequences with reference to the verses in the church year should be created and placed on the net. In the beginning, for example, there was the "service vehicle", which is now well known in town of the pastor, a small orange electric car with the sticker "on the road in the name of the lord" at the rear, as a continuous motif in the center of the action.

"The videos were shot by me and my friend tanja neubauer. The music was mostly from taize or classical music," says the 63-year-old, robin kirchner describes the procedure. The young couple had bought a simple gopro-camera with a stabilizer to realize the new idea, if necessary the sound was recorded with a pocket-recorder. Since the 27-year-old had already produced small music videos from time to time as a hobby musician, he still had the necessary software on his computer. "That’s how I made the first 13 videos and taught my father at the same time. Since june, he has been editing his own films and also runs the youtube channel himself."

Everyday life of the pastor in corona times

The initial skepticism about the contemporary presentation on a modern platform has long since given way to pastor gerd kirchner, not least in view of the many thousands of clicks, especially since he has also been able to contribute his own ideas to the productions time and again. "I didn’t want to sit at home and be filmed reading from the gospel," says sieverding. A little action was allowed", the clergyman sums up his intention.

The interesting videos include not only the spoken word with an ear-catching background music, but also show, among other things, the everyday life of the pastor in times of corona. In addition, sacred buildings and other ecclesiastical elements are put in the right light, always in accordance with the respective bible text.

Guitar and amateur actors

A rough role also played the view of god’s creation in the beautiful landscape of the rhon. Of course, the sequences in which the pastor himself takes up the guitar in his familiar manner are not to be missed.

"Again and again, I’m approached by all kinds of people about my talent as an amateur actor.", gerd kirchner is pleased. This shows him "that the older generation is also very active on the net. And what’s more, the number of clicks exceeds many times the number of real churchgoers.

Son robin kirchner was also on a completely different mission with his camera, namely the laying of the third stumbling block in bad bruckenau. "I produced this video for the american relatives of the victims", explains the hobby filmmaker.

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