Skepticism about digitization depends on further training

Skepticism about digitization depends on further training

In germany, the figure is 57 percent. Whether this is viewed positively or negatively depends to a large extent on people’s level of education and their willingness to continue their education, the consulting firm pwc emphasized on monday when the study was published.

"Our world is highly complex. The trend is upward," said ulrich stork, head of pwc for germany. Changes hours on the agenda. "That is why it is so important not to approach changes and innovations with fear or skepticism, but with positive curiosity, and to help shape them."Compared to the USA or asia, germany would otherwise run the risk of losing out.

According to the study, 54 percent of adults in germany feel well prepared for the use of new technologies. 81 percent of employees would take the opportunity for further training if their employer offered them the chance. 69 percent say their employer gives them the opportunity to improve their digital skills outside of working hours.

It is also the responsibility of companies to support their employees through individual learning, said stork. "This is how we can make germany fit for the digital future together."

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