Soldiers’ comradeship groblangheim proves to be a ruhriger association

Soldiers' comradeship groblangheim proves to be a ruhriger association

All is well with the groblangheimer soldier comradeship. This was shown at the annual general meeting. Chairman werner adrio proudly reported that despite two deaths, the number of members remains constant at 89. The reason for this is mainly the good recruitment of members. The chairman of the district council, willi kohler, also praised the company: "I hope and wish that things will continue like this for you!"

Good youth work is important, and the groblangheimers are one of the most successful local clubs in this respect. While other associations in the district cease their work due to a lack of members, here a varied program ensures stable figures. The chairman organizes three major excursions per year. This commitment was also highlighted by mayor karl hochner. As a "tour operator for the whole place" has he already called the association.

In addition, the members are concerned about the war memorial on the market square, which received a new planting last year after a long struggle. The planting took place just before the heat – a lot of hard work was necessary. But the hard-working helpers did it and turned the bed around the memorial into a blooming landscape.

Diligent helpers were also the ones who collected more than 1000 euros for the war graves fund. For this and above all to the donors the responsible persons thanked very much. The club closed the year with a deficit, which was, however, absorbed by the reserves. This emerged from the report of the cashier felix hummer.

There has been a change in the honors: since last year, the association has been awarding its own medals for flag bearers. In groblangheim stefan adrio received the bronze medal for ten years of service and werner scheller the gold medal for 20 years of service. The gold medal has only been awarded 15 times in bavaria and in the district of kitzingen for the first time – the chairman was visibly proud to present this award. Further honors went to christian forth and michael scheller for ten years membership and to richard rickel and rainer gruber for 25 years.

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