Waltraud frohring becomes honorary member

Waltraud frohring becomes honorary member

More than any other member, waltraud frohring has been involved with the oberreichenbach free voters association (g) from the beginning, praised g chairman johannes kreb at the annual general meeting. Since founding member waltraud frohring had also decided to end her work on the board after 16 years, it was time to appoint her an honorary member. This proposal was unanimously endorsed by the members.

A difficult decision
Waltraud frohring herself explained her reasons for stepping down: "i think 16 years on the board are enough and younger members need to take on some responsibility." Private interests and hobbies were further reasons for their decision. "It was not easy for me, it took me four years to decide to take this step."

The fact that she is no longer a member of the board of directors does not mean that she is no longer committed to the G oberreichenbach. "I continue to organize the christmas market and of course there will also be the grafflmarkt under my leadership continue to give. When I am needed, I am always there." With this sentence frohring thanked for the many praising words of the chairman as well as for the honorary membership.

The cafe in the carport
Waltraud frohring had already taken the minutes at the founding meeting in november 1996 and was unanimously elected as secretary at the election of the first board of directors. For ten years she held this post with a lot of responsibility. Waltraud frohring put a lot of her heart and soul into organizing cultural events, as kreb put it. Especially the christmas market has to be mentioned, which would be unimaginable without the honored. The oberreichenbacher christmas market, which will be held for the 16th time on the coming sunday. The "st. Martin's day", which takes place for the first time, is meanwhile known far beyond the borders of oberreichenbach because of its village flair.

In 2006 waltraud frohring ran for the office of second chairperson. Also for this position the members gave her unanimously the confidence. After this election waltraud frohring led the "grafflmarkt" a. Since then, every year in may, the "meisenweg" becomes a "trodelmeile", where the children are allowed to offer their goods, of course without a stand fee. Beside the market also the own carport in the meisenweg becomes for one day the "cafe graffl" rebuilt.

The highlight so far of the "buhne freyung", which was founded in 2010 on the occasion of the 875th anniversary of the municipality in 2011 a performance of the simon& was held garfunkel cover band. "You could always rely on waltraud", johannes kreb castle.

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