Young list pedaled

Young list pedaled

The members of the young list of hochstadt and environs visited numerous points of contact together with mayor gerald brehm as part of their first bicycle tour of the southern parts of hochstadt. The group started from aischaue hochstadt to greienmuhle, where city councilor martin oberle spontaneously roused the ortegel family from their sunday rest with a trumpet solo. Nevertheless, the joy of the visitors was great and they were allowed to visit the premises of the muhle, which are otherwise closed to the public, together with its power generation system.

Further it went to greiendorf, where one visited the playground there, which is to be extended. In sterpersdorf the JL-cyclist group visited the sterpersdorfer muhle and was welcomed there by the hemmerlein family after another solo by cheftrompeter oberle. Here, too, the renovated premises were open to the crowd of visitors. At the chapel of st. Anthony, it was then only once to make a stop. Although dark clouds repeatedly darkened the french sky and a few drops of rain fell, the JL cyclists finally set off in the direction of weidendorf, where willi dennerlohr explained the advantages of the beer bench installed in the center of town to the curious listeners.

The fight continued in the direction of ailersbach. On the way, the remains of a dammed forest fire could be seen, as well as the beach volleyball court near schwarzenbach, which city councilor josef bessler proudly presented to the cyclists. Finally, the group made a stop in ailersbach, where they visited the martinskirche. The journey continued to schwarzenbach, where bessler offered the cyclists refreshments at the fire station. Via lappach we then went to hochstadt to the parish festival at the st. St. George’s church, where the afternoon ended with dean kilian kemmer.

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