Bollertest with the volunteer fire department bad bruckenau

Bollertest with the volunteer fire department bad bruckenau

The past new year's eve had given him a thinking note. Carelessly, joscha reinheimer threw a boller into a trash can – which burst into countless splinters. He and his friends had not just turned a corner, they had been caught. Now joscha once again bounds a forbidden boller. Or better, he lets him zunden "to simply show how dangerous unapproved bollers are", says the young video journalist for "move36, the youth magazine of the parzeller publishing house.

Look for the CE mark

Marius fischer has put on protective clothing. The youth leader of the volunteer fire department of bad bruckenau is the man who will watch the boller. His caution seems excessive: helmet, goggles, a match tied to a long handle. "Sometimes the tinder cord is defective and the boller explodes directly in your hand", he explains. Therefore, the police warns as every year: boller and feuerwerkskorper should absolutely a CE mark as well as a zulassungszeichen aueisen. If not, finger away!

Boom! The explosion echoes in waves through the sinn valley. The force is many times greater than the bulbs you can buy at the supermarket. Marius fischer takes off his helmet. If a firework doesn't explode, he says, please just leave it there. Even with legal bollern something could happen fast. Two years ago, a firecracker hit a young woman in the eye so badly, reports thomas weber of the bavarian red cross in bad kissingen, that she was taken to the eye clinic at the university of wurzburg.

The rescuers in the background

A total of five ambulances, three emergency vehicles with 13 trained red cross personnel and three emergency doctors will be available in the district of bad kissingen on new year's eve. 30 to 50 percent more operations are carried out by the red cross countywide on new year's eve, says weber. The police stations in bad kissingen, hammelburg and bad bruckenau are also well rustet. They have increased the number of personnel on the night shift.

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