Expensive reus: klopp will not envy debate

Expensive reus: klopp will not envy debate

"In principle, i can’t rule out such a thing. But the difference between now and the past is that I wouldn’t let someone who instigates something like that play anymore. Anyone who would broach the subject of something like this in any form had not understood the idea behind our team. Then we had to part ways," the coach of the german soccer champions emphasized in an interview with "welt am sonntag.

They paid "the 17 million euros" for the midfielder of borussia monchengladbach. "And he’s worth the money," klopp said. Despite the large sum, there will be no exceptions and no preferential treatment for the 23-year-old talent. "No, marco reus doesn’t need a special position, he doesn’t want it, and i don’t give it away."

The soccer teacher rigorously rules out the possibility of a BVB-like situation in the future. "We no longer have marcio amoroso, who has brought his own physiotherapist and his own doctor. Such a thing will not happen here again. Whoever endangers the whole thing can leave", clarified klopp.

With the borussia coach, it’s the team spirit that pays, and only current form decides who he lets play. Regular position guarantees are taboo at the double winner. "It’s my duty as a coach to always bring in the player who’s at his best. There is only one principle in fubball, and it is not based on draw totals, but on performance."

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