Extension of the cycle paths demanded

While the overall number of traffic fatalities in bavaria has fallen significantly, the number of cyclists killed has risen from 31 in the previous year to 39. This is what the current bavarian traffic accident statistics for the first half of the year show. The bavarian bicycle club (ADFC) is calling for an acceleration in the development of infrastructure for cyclists.

The ADFC in forchheim explains its point of view: one problem is the abrupt end of the cycle paths, another is the traffic lights, which are not optimized for bicycles. At the railroad bridge, cyclists are confronted with both: if you want to go into hainbrunnenstrabe, you have to wait for two traffic light phases. If you have done this patiently, you get grun at the same time as the cars and have to thread your way between them, because the cycle path ends there.

If this is too unsafe for you, you have two safer options, according to the ADFC, but they are prohibited: either you ride on the sidewalk or you ignore the second traffic light. Here an improvement is absolutely necessary.

Positive example

However, according to frank wessel, spokesman for the ADFC forchheim, it should not be concealed that there are also positive examples. This is how we rode from the "milka bridge from four car-free cycle paths to four city districts. It is not possible to do so comfortably everywhere. But improvements are important, according to the press release, if as many citizens as possible are to be invited to use the climate-friendly means of transport, the bicycle.

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