Fuchsstadt again with offensive aces feser and bolz

Fuchsstadt again with offensive aces feser and bolz

TSV munnerstadt – DJK schwebenried/schwemmelsbach: another banger for TSV munnerstadt (3)./17) in the east district league. After the top match at table leader FC 05 schweinfurt II, the schonhofer squad receives the combo of DJK schwebenried/ schwemmelsbach (2./17), which is tied for second place with the nagelsieder and travels to the munnerstadt sports center with the recommendation of an 8-0 win over TSV grobbardorf II. The result came without a single goal from top scorer david fleischmann, because last year’s 34-goal man was not in the game at all. Even his second-best scorer michael maar (4 goals) schwebenrieds spielertrainer mario schindler 60 minutes on the bench stew, in the goal pushing others jumped into the breach, such as the ex-ebenhauser christian engert, who scored in a double pack.

There’s no question that the second-placed team in the table has quality, as TSV coach dominik schonhofer also pointed out. "From my point of view a grown, strong playing and fighting team, which is even stronger than in the last round, because there were some new players added, like thomas casar from bergrheinfeld." The murschter themselves sold themselves at the leader schweinfurt a week ago expensive despite the 0:4 defeat, were above all in durchgang one at least on eye-high. "It was a very good game from both sides. The quick 1:0 after the break decided the game. Schweinfurt then played out its individual class and deserved to win, even if the result is one or two goals too high", schonhofer puts a stop to the second defeat of the season and looks ahead to schwebenried. "This will be a very difficult game for us." The nail singers should not be afraid, even if with niklas markart (sick) and sebastian halupczok (exams) two regulars will be missing.

FC fuchsstadt – TSV rothlein: after two defeats in a row one hopes at the FC fuchsstadt (6./16) in the home game against TSV rothlein (9./15) on a turnaround. The return of the two offensive aces simon bolz and johannes feser, who were recently absent due to vacation, is cause for optimism. "I hope that with them, success will come back again," said, FC coach marius kubo makes crude remarks about his two top performers, without wishing to belittle the performance of the other players. They also did a good job despite the two defeats. In the youngest 2:4 defeat in rottendorf, the team slept through the first half, which the opponent punished ice-coldly. "We were not concentrated. In the second half we did better, but we were already 4-0 down", was the fist ultimately too rough. All in all, kubo does not attach too much importance to the small negative series. "In the games before we had sometimes the quantchen luck to the victory, last had it two times evenly the opponent. You have to approach every game with the highest concentration, because only small things decide." The rothlein start to the season was modest with three defeats in a row. Afterwards they won five times in a row, before SV euerbach/kutzberg was too much for them on the last matchday with a 1:4 home defeat. "The rothleiner klaus keller is a trainer fox. He has a team that comes through the fight and is almost unchanged from last season", female cubo.

FC gerolzhofen – FC 06 bad kissingen: for the second time in 72 hours, the FC 06 bad kissingen footballers (7./15) lace up their kicking boots. The journey of the boys of trainer rudiger klug goes to landesliga-relegated FC gerolzhofen (11./11), who recorded their third win of the season a week ago with a 3-0 win at last-place FC sand II and seem to be slowly acclimatizing to the district league. The 06ers, meanwhile, were delighted with their first home win of the season on wednesday evening, when they put TSV/DJK wiesentheid in their place with a 3-2 victory. "He was "fallig says 06-coach klug and adds that "this time it was a ‘dirty’ win". Previously, we had delivered good games at home and not won. This time it was a victory of will and therefore not undeserved. That made me happy for the guys." In gerolzhofen, klug wants to stay true to his philosophy and appear dominant without losing respect for the opponent. "I wanted to get three points in every game and show with my team what we can do", so smart, who was able to watch the opponent in the season opener against unterspiesheim for at least 45 minutes and saw a rather mixed turf battle. "But gerolzhofen has steadily worked its way up the standings and is being trained very well by coach udo romeis, whom i know well. It’s going to be a matter of showing willpower for 90 minutes and deciding the game for us at the decisive moment through individual class", klug has confidence in the strength of his team, which is almost completely at his disposal this time. Only timo schmitt and florian schultheis were absent on business.

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