Musikverein and obermaintaler unite

Musikverein and obermaintaler unite

"Pfft!" – hermann pornschlegel blew the whistle at 9 p.M. – and the summer temperatures of 30 degrees were certainly not the only reason for this. History was made in ebensfeld on friday evening. As a novelty in the long tradition of the north bavarian music association (NBMB), two music clubs have joined forces for the first time in a "fusion" – so the legal term for it – has become a new association. A lot of work and preparations were necessary for this step, and sometimes also persuasion work with the total of about 500 members, which both associations, the obermaintaler youth band OJK and the music association ebensfeld, have together.

Now the largest music association in the district of lichtenfels has come into being, the "musikvereinigung ebensfeld e.V. ". At the merger meeting, to which the chairmen of the two music associations had invited their members to the hall of the grebano inn, the notary erwin richter and the notary public arnulf friedmann were also present. Representatives of the market town were mayor bernhard storath (himself a member of both associations) and from the NBMB the district chairman werner pohner.

Prior to this – and this was already a great relief for the two previous boards – an extraordinary meeting of the members took place, at which the modalities for the further procedure were again discussed and explained. The planned course of both meetings was available, as well as the certified copy of the nine-page merger agreement, which was signed on 14 december 1993. June 2012, hermann pornschlegel (for the OJK) and rudolf dierauf (for the music club) had approved and signed the contract at the notary’s office.

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