New vehicle for the fabrikschleichach fire department

New vehicle for the fabrikschleichach fire department

There were many reasons to celebrate at the weekend with the fabrikschleichach volunteer fire department. The most visible was the new fire engine, which was officially put into service on sunday with the blessing by pastor kurt wolf. In addition, the fire department association celebrated its 40th anniversary and took this as an opportunity to honor some of its members.

This year’s harvest thanksgiving service focused on the fire department. The harvest altar was adorned not only with many crops and garden fruits, but also with a toy fire engine. After the service, pastor kurt wolf blessed the new vehicle (not the toy car, of course) and all those who drove it to the field. The chairman of the fire department association, bastian hogen, was pleased about the many guests who had come to fabrikschleichach for this special occasion.

In addition to the delegations from all the fire departments in rauhenebrach, the guests included deputy district administrator oskar ebert, mayor matthias bauerlein, district fire administrator ralf dressel, KBI georg pfrang and KBM johannes betz.

Hogen remembered the old vehicle of the fabrikschleichach fire brigade. It was in service for 35 years, then a repair would have been much more expensive than the residual value of the vehicle. They made inquiries and were advised to buy a portable fire engine. However, since these are hard to come by second-hand, the F fabrikschleichach received the first brand-new vehicle in its history.

Hogen thanked all co-financiers, all those who contributed to the events of the fire department association, so that the association could contribute a considerable sum to the new vehicle, and the fire department untersteinbach, who ensured the operational capability of fabrikschleichach by making their LF8 available for a year. "There was a need for action in fabrikschleichach", declared mayor matthias bauerlein. The purchase of the 57,000 euro vehicle was certainly an economical solution, as the vehicle issue for the schleichach factory has now been solved for a long time. The vehicle is fit for purpose, and the fire brigade is very active. After the subsidies, a financing gap of 30,000 euros remained, which the municipality and the fire department association had to "find a reasonable solution" shared.

Deputy district administrator oskar ebert described the acquisition of this vehicle for the fabrikschleichach fire department as a very special event. But even more important are the people on duty. He warned against taking it for granted that help will come "when the button is pressed". There must also be people who volunteer their free time, often putting their health on the line, to help others.

KBR ralf dressel was pleased with the modern vehicle for fabrikschleichach, because today’s fire departments have to face completely new dangers, such as storms. To do this, they also needed the right equipment, and the new vehicle had all kinds of that.
Bastian hogen used the blessing of the vehicles to honor four founding members of the fire department association, namely alfons neeb, egon albrecht, werner hogen and otto schramm. The fire department association was founded by 14 men, today it has 84 members. As the only association in fabrikschleichach, it is responsible for all events, whether the lake festival in august or the advent market.

Commander andreas weigel joined the honors, he especially honored the two former commanders alfrons neeb and werner hogen for their extraordinary services to the fire department. Werner hogen has rendered outstanding services to youth training, forestry responders and firefighter training. During alfons neeb’s tenure, the firehouse was built and the vorganger vehicle was purchased.

How well the joint youth training works in rauhenebrach was shown by the youth in a joint exercise later in the morning. The day before, the adults showed how they work together at the community fire brigade day. This excellent cooperation was also praised by the district fire chief. The fabrikschleichach volunteer fire department has 20 active adults and seven young people, and fabrikschleichach has a population of just under 130.

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