Nordhalben organist horst wunder has been “the reliability in person” for 40 years

Nordhalben organist horst wunder has been 'the reliability in person' for 40 years

Horst wunder is dependability in person and always arranges his routines in such a way that he is always there at the services, said pastor richard reis when he honored the organist for 40 years of service in the parish church of st. Bartholomaus in north halben honored. Four decades of church music is a long time, during which many things have also changed.

On behalf of the church administration, the parish council and the church music working group, church administrator georg simon thanked horst wunder for his many years of organizing the church.

Examination passed

The honored had received piano and organ lessons during his school years in bamberg. After he had accompanied the church singing on the organ in various school homes, he also passed the examination for the church music service of the catholic church at the pedagogical college in bamberg in the course of his first teaching examination.

Organist since 1978

After his education and the associated return to his home country, wunder worked sporadically as a deputy for the then organist georg wolf in nordhalben. In 1978, horst wunder, who in the meantime had also been employed as a teacher at the nordhalben elementary school, took over the position of organist at the catholic church in nordhalben. However, horst wunder could not completely fulfill this office, since at this time a church service took place almost every day. Therefore some services had to be held without an organ.

In 1993, a new organist, udo simon, became active, so that the work could now be distributed over several shoulders. Today each of the two organists is on duty at least twice a week. In addition, he helped out in steinwiesen, nurn, neufang, wolfersgrun, and neuengrun.

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