Now the csu’s list of city council members has also been finalized

Now the csu's list of city council members has also been finalized

In the packed hall of the village community center, however, it was anything but nebulous. In his welcoming speech, mayor henry schramm found clear words: "we deliberately chose lehenthal because we as the CSU wanted to send out a signal that all parts of the city are equally important."

The CSU has made an incredible amount of progress in the city council in recent years, and now it’s a matter of continuing with a strong team to keep kulmbach livable and lovable. 30 people are on the list of candidates, eight of them women, ten non-partisans, representatives of a wide range of professions and social classes.

"As the strongest force in the city council, we have done well in recent years and have worked incredibly constructively for kulmbach", said the mayor. However, there are still many projects that need to be initiated "we are on the right track." There is the green center in the spinning mill, which is to create 300 new jobs, the bicycle path concept and the photovoltaic open space project have to be implemented, roads have to be rehabilitated, the canal expansion and thus the flood protection have to be advanced and the positive economic support has to be further supported. "We at the CSU would like to distribute socially, but that has to be earned first." Henry schramm and his faction members want to make sure that this is possible in kulmbach in the future as well. "We are planning to build a seven-group kindergarten, we are renovating our historical heritage, and we want to preserve it when it makes sense", said the mayor. However, one must also have the courage to do something new, it would be good if there were investors. "We need investment and people who are committed to this location."

Since the decision to make kulmbach a university location, there has been dynamism in the city. Kulmbach needs student housing as well as housing for families and the socially disadvantaged. "We work across party lines for the good of this city", said schramm. Well over 90 percent of all decisions made in the city council were unanimous. "We need a barrier-free city for seniors, we have set aside 933,000 euros in the budget for the opnv alone."

The kaufplatz will soon be demolished, and the mayor would like to see more flair here, and the integration of the mains. "We need people who want to take action and make a difference, not just talk and complain, he criticized. He was referring to the underground parking garage at EKU square and the university, which he described as a historic opportunity for kulmbach. "This will attract more institutes and companies", he said.

That’s why events like concerts, the beer festival or a spartan race are needed, to make kulmbach an interesting location. "And if I don’t believe in the future of my city myself, I can’t communicate that to anyone else."

The CSU candidates for the city council 1. Henry schramm 2. Heike vogel 3. Frank wilzok 4. Peter bastobbe 5. Jorg kunstmann 6. Wolfram brehm 7. Patrick kolbel 8. Mientje kruger 9. Michael pfitzner 10. Katja geuther 11. Lothar seyfferth 12. Matthias hohn 13. Torsten grampp 14. Edward maier 15. Thomas ludewig 16. Amelie brehm 17. Dieter hagele 18. Benno pieger 19. Marco biedefeld 20. Maurizio malandrino 21. Corinna horath 22. Bernd volpert 23. Volker pohlmann 24. Johannes hamper 25. Ursula galler 26. Stefan fechner 27. Annette zietz 28. Alexander schmidt 29. Augusto de pellegrin 30. Ljubka biagioni zu guttenberg substitute candidates: michael moschel and ingeborg durethup

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