Out for steakhouse in falkendorf

Out for steakhouse in falkendorf

"Continuation was no longer justifiable for economic reasons." As succinctly stated in a press release from "bockels grill& steak restaurant at the post office on the end of the pub. To 1. October the business operation was discontinued.

The next sentence reveals a bit more: "the small town is losing a renowned restaurant that is well known beyond the borders of the district". And in a press interview, the couple andreas and chantal bockel revealed: "this step was very difficult for us." But in the end they saw no possibility of maintaining the catering business. The "experiment steakhouse has failed.

On 11. November 2011 the former cake chef of the herzogenaurach hotel herzogspark, andreas bockel, had opened his own restaurant in the center of falkendorf. He was a tenant in the house, which had been used as a restaurant for many years and had been bought at auction by hans birnbaum from erlangen shortly before. An exclusive steakhouse, garnished with regional cuisine – that was the concept. It didn't work out, at least not the way the chef had hoped. Therefore andreas bockel had to file for insolvency.

"We then tried a new start"

The restaurateur explained in a press interview. This meant that at the beginning of september, after discussions with the insolvency administrator alexander kubusch from nurnberg, the company resumed operations after the summer vacation. "From then on, decisions were made hand in hand and concepts were developed for the reorganization of the restaurant business." According to bockel's press release.

The aim of these efforts was to adapt the business more closely to the requirements of the local population. It was hoped to open the local to a wider audience.

In the end, that was not enough for the bockels

Even though the business could have continued, approved by the insolvency administrator, as andreas bockel affirms, he has now drawn a line under the matter. "We wanted to bring the local for the family again on an economic course", said the chef. And: "that has also succeeded relatively well." And yet for the couple the future prospects were too uncertain. The number of guests needed reliably was 20 to 30 a day, six days a week, he said. But to ensure that in the long run, was too uncertain.

Especially since the time for the changeover was simply too short. Insolvency administrator kubusch of nurnberger curator AG confirms that such changes do not take effect without delay: "in the present case, it must therefore be noted that the time of just under five weeks was not sufficient to stabilize the business operations in such a way that continuation would have been possible beyond the time of the opening of the insolvency proceedings." And further: "this also required some investments, which simply could not be paid for out of the available funds."

Kubusch describes the discontinuation of the business operation as all the more regrettable "because we can state in these proceedings that the commitment of the management and both the quality and the service were just right."

At last, the couple still had some hope for the future on.

The owner of the house had been able to continue running the restaurant and employ the couple as employees. But hans birnbaum did not want that. He does not have the time. He himself runs a catering business in erlangen (st. Georg in bruck) and has a family with four children, said birnbaum in response to a question from the FT. He now wants to look for new tenants. But the post office in falkendorf will definitely remain a local business, he said. Interested parties may contact him.

For the bockel couple, at least, it comes too late.

"After careful consideration…However, the parties involved agree that closing the business is an economically sensible step", it says in the press info finally. What he will do in the future, andreas bockel said openly in a press interview.

But he thanked his supporters. Many guest groups had come from the schaeffler and adidas companies in particular. And the quality of the kitchen has always been highly praised. But in the end, all efforts had not led to the desired economic success. Above all, he also blames the situation for the failure of the project.

The "village of falkendorf is only a stone's throw away from herzogenaurach, but in the end too far for many people, says bockel. And the location in the heavily trafficked local thoroughfare was not very inviting, either. In summer, no one liked to sit out.

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