Spd district associations take a stand

Spd district associations take a stand

In the "spiegelsaal" of the harmonie, the SPD district associations of bamberg city and state started the new year and with it the hectic phase of the municipal election campaign. Felix holland, SPD district chairman of the city of bamberg, was able to bury numerous representatives from politics, society, business and many representatives of the authorities in the packed hall. Bamberg district administrator johann kalb (CSU) was also present. The SPD cornerstones max reichelt, andreas stenglein and hans de with, who visibly enjoyed the attention, were buried with particularly loud applause.

Mayor andreas stark (SPD), who remarked that he had lost track of the number of candidates he could expect to face for the office of mayor of bamberg, spoke about the tasks facing the world heritage city of bamberg. He spanned the arc from already completed projects of the past term of office to the tasks of the future, which need all the attention of the politically responsible persons. From climate protection and securing bamberg as a business location, to digitalization, the creation of affordable housing for all levels of the population, the consequences of conversion and the further development of the muna site, to questions of tourism and how to proceed with the AEO. In addition, infrastructures have had to be adapted and perhaps even rethought.

"Strong city for all"

The mayor made a plea for "a strong city for all", for all citizens, regardless of nationality, religion, skin color, illness, disability or social disadvantage. Everyone should be able to realize his or her personal dream in bamberg.

In a small roundtable discussion, strong and the SPD candidate for district administrator andreas schwarz discussed how the cooperation between the city and the state could be improved. Schwarz would like to have a common economic advisor, because only in this way could the economic area of bamberg be brought forward and the current problems at bosch, brose and michelin and their suppliers be compensated for. Other issues included the regional bus station "which you can’t wait for until the ICE expansion is completed", and public transport, which "urgently needs to be optimized". Plans must finally be implemented, according to the former mayor of strullendorf, who also campaigned for the 365-euro-ticket.

Afterwards, valentina weymann, who is running on the SPD city council list, and patricia hanika, who has been nominated again as a county councilor for the SPD, talked about their reasons for taking responsibility for the SPD.

After the speeches there was still enough time to talk and one or the other anecdote from the past was told. The musical framework of the event was provided by the "jazz-kuche" with martin durst and konrad buschhuter.

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