Speed limit is simply ignored in herreth

Controls are simply too rare there, was the common tenor. Even more intensive are the conditions in the traffic-calmed "muhl acker" street, where out of 200 vehicles more than a quarter were driving the "walking speed" ignored. One driver even had a speed of 50 on the speedometer. Mayor werner thomas (SPD) promised to discuss the matter briefly with the police traffic officer and to press for improvements.

Further brought the topic "dog and cat excrement" the participants’ tempers flare. Even the idea of levying a municipal tax, which had been conjured up years ago, was revived because horses also trample wet meadows and field paths and, on top of that, leave behind raisins. The mayor said: "but among them there are a lot of "hikers, which are difficult to locate."

Another request was that, before each burial, an employee of the administration should make sure that the grave dug was exactly in the alignment of other graves already there; when a member of the council present described this request as clearly excessive, an interjection read: "that’s what we elected you for, isn’t it?!"

Harry gockel (herreth) asked all those who have an influence on municipal events not to allow themselves to be influenced by those responsible for public building projects at topping-out ceremonies or "tunnel punctures" to be invited; there would always remain a suspicion of later or earlier advantage.

Thomas affirmed that he had never used invitations that went beyond the usual small framework; however, it was quite common to invite craftsmen, planners and representatives of authorities when a work initiated by them had been successfully completed.

In a preview the mayor announced that in the current year two new bridges are planned to be built in the area of schottenstein and gleuben. Qrt

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