Spontaneously with the dress into the water

Spontaneously with the dress into the water

"I jump into the water even with my clothes on", suggest christina barnickel at the photo shoot. The 20-year-old stands with her feet in the fountain in front of the staffelstein obermain thermal baths. With small steps the queen of the thermal springs candidate walks through the cool glow of the fountain. A few drops of water splash her pink summer dress. Christina laughs and shuffles her wet hair.

The idea to run for queen came from her friend zwanie. Together with her boyfriend tom, christina has been living in a shared apartment in lichtenfels for a few weeks. Zwanie found out about the queen election during a trip to staffelsteiner therme. "At first they wanted to sign me up secretly, but then I got it out", christina remembers. Her friend replied: "chrissy, the criteria fit you exactly. You absolutely have to join in."
So christina applied – and her friends are rooting for her. They even set up their own facebook fan page: "chrissy for thermenkonigin". The friends do a lot together: they go to rock concerts and the cinema, or relax in the spa.
The wet gradually penetrates christina's dress, but she poses – completely unimpressed by the weight of the dripping dress. "I am spontaneous, says the woman from lichtenfels and tosses her brown shoulder-length hair, which she wears as a side parting, back into her neck. She laughs into the camera.

Flexible and always on the move

Two years ago, christina completed her training as a saleswoman in a michelau bookstore and the post office. Jobs in the call center and internships in the hotel followed. "I am really flexible and like to deal with people. Especially the tourism sector appeals to me", says christina, who has been looking for work for the last two months.
Originally she comes from coburg, but many of her friends and some of her cousins come from the staffelstein area. Its relation to the area is therefore very rough.
But she also loves to travel. She has just been in magdeburg for a few days. There she met her biological family for the first time.
"They are happy about the candidacy and support me," she says, tells christina, who also has a good relationship with her adoptive parents. She wanted to travel to chicago with them because she has relatives there, too. "I like to be on the road, that's why the office of queen of the thermal baths suits me so well", declares christina confidently and laughs – as she often does.
The photo shoot is over. Lassig sits christina down in the sun to dry her dress. "Being spontaneous is fun for me."

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