Syria’s opposition under fire

Syria's opposition under fire

In homs province, the army also attacked rebel positions in the village of al-rastan from the air, activists reported. Executions were reported from the besieged quarter of the city of homs, baba amro. The figures could not initially be verified by independent sources. The red cross was also further denied access to the crisis areas.

Aid workers from the organization were waiting to be allowed into baba amro by the syrian authorities to provide aid to the suffering population. The convoy, consisting of seven trucks, was denied access to the district on friday for alleged security reasons. The rebel quarter had been under constant fire for weeks and was finally stormed by assad troops.

Activist abu imad told the dpa news agency in lebanon that the militia loyal to the government "terrorized" the population in the district and executed young men. For this reason, the rescue forces were also not allowed into the area.

The bodies of the 22. February foreign journalists marie colvin and remi ochlik, killed in a bombing in baba amro, were meanwhile transferred to paris, french media reported. French and polish diplomats – poland represents U.S. Interests in syria – had earlier received in damascus the remains of american war reporter colvin and french photographer ochlik.

The artillery attack on an improvised press center also put french reporter edith bouvier and british photographer william daniels in mortal danger. Both had arrived in paris on friday evening after an adventurous flight. Bouvier’s leg was seriously injured in the attacks.

There were again fierce battles over the weekend between government troops and deserters in the province of idlib on the border with turkey. The london-based syrian human rights monitoring group reported fighting near the town of jabal al-sawija on sunday in which one soldier was killed and several injured. The deserters had previously attacked an army checkpoint, it said. The day before, 44 deserting soldiers were executed in the province, according to the opposition syrian human rights network.

A suicide bombing in daraa province killed at least three people, according to official government figures. As reported by the syrian news agency sana, a car bomb exploded near the jordanian border on saturday.

Since the uprising against assad began a year ago, more than 7,500 people have been killed, according to un estimates. Human rights activists estimate 700 dead in city of homs alone last month.

Turkish auben minister ahmet davutoglu accused the damascus regime of crimes against humanity. At a conference in istanbul on saturday, davutoglu also called for international unity in the fight against the leadership of president assad, otherwise the latter would commit further serious crimes. According to turkish media reports, he now also no longer rules out arming the syrian opposition.

Eu minister guido westerwelle assured the syria special representative of the united nations and the arab league, ex-un secretary general kofi annan, of germany’s full support. It was good and important that the UN and the league had jointly appointed a commissioner, said westerwelle in a telephone conversation with annan. This solidifies the will of the international community to act together in the syrian crisis. Germany hopes that annan will soon be able to speak in syria and the region to resolve the crisis.

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