The people of drossenhausen are indispensable

The people of drossenhausen are indispensable

At the general meeting of the drossenhausen fire department, commander sebastian hofmann thanked district fire inspector stefan puls and district fire chief manfred bruckner for their excellent support. He also praised the cooperation with the municipal administration. His report showed that nine training sessions and the accident prevention training were carried out together with the fire departments of beuerfeld and moggenbrunn. A joint ceremony took place with the mirsdorf fire brigade in einzelberg. The water demand was in the foreground. Sebastian hofmann called this training very informative, in order to be prepared for a possible fire operation. The participation in the scheduled exercises was average. "Exercises are not done for fun and to pass the time, but are meant to deepen the safe handling of the equipment", he explained. If it is not possible to attend, apologies should be sent.

In the past year, the fire brigade went out on two occasions, firstly to einzelberg to a heating fire in the cellar and secondly to clear a fallen tree between drossenhausen and tiefenlauter.

The maypole festival took place together with the village community, the solstice bonfire had to be cancelled due to the drought.

In this year the achievement examination stands together with the mirsdorfer fire-brigade on. Furthermore, the radio training, the modular training for troop members and machinists, a course in respiratory protection and the course "leader of a fire brigade" are essential planned in wurzburg. A cleaning with subsequent impregnation of the protective suits is to be arranged in short time. Hofmann thanked all firefighters for their voluntary work.

Deputy district administrator rainer mattern described the honoring of long-serving firefighters as a special event. "Being a volunteer for a quarter of a century means 25 years of readiness, training and unforeseen events", said mattern and thanked personally and on behalf of district administrator sebastian straubel and the entire district council for the important fire department in the villages. The local fire brigade is indispensable because it knows its village well and is decisive for the first attack. The circle does not take itself out of the duty.

Rainer mattern thanked the whole team of the fire brigade and especially jochen rauscher for his 25 years of service. He presented the certificate and the badge of honor, awarded by the bavarian minister of state joachim herrmann. District fire chief manfred bruckner read the eulogy for the "exemplary firefighter", who passed the performance examinations one to six and the digital radio training. The awarding of an honorary service card by district administrator straubel to jochen rauscher was a new event.

Mayor bernd hofer joined the congratulations and thanked for the sacrificed free time for the community and the service on the next. The municipality of meeder supported the purchase of vehicles and equipment with 660,000 euro. Hofer: "a mammoth achievement." He expressed his thanks to the honorary fire department representative of the municipality of meeder, manfred bruckner.

Respect must be paid to the small fire brigades, said manfred lorenz. Stefan puls thanked jochen rauscher and praised the commander, who is leading the fire brigade very well. The words of the previous speakers were echoed by manfred bruckner. As a new comrade, district fire chief bruckner buried stefan schunk with a handshake.

Mattern mentioned the drought in the past years. This has led to flat and forest fires. The defense forces are dependent on the water capacities of the farmers with their barrels. That is why the acquisition of watercraft by the district is also planned, he says. During a discussion, it was suggested that trough barrels, which farmers do not use, be filled with water and kept at the ready. For this, compensation should be granted. Karin gunther

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