Two representatives for mayor

Two representatives for mayor

The burgers showed great interest in the constituent meeting of the adelsdorf town council on wednesday evening in the aischgrundhalle. First, mayor karsten fischkal made it clear what it’s all about: "here in the town council, the course is being set for the future for the entire community of adelsdorf. Not for a party, not for a district. We must always look at the big picture."

The committee received the spiritual blessing of pastor thomas ringer and pastor jens arnold. Ringer brought a small cross as a gift for all 21 members of the council. It then became a little solemn when fischkal swore in the seven new municipal councilors kerstin auer (grune), norbert lamm (SPD), matthias gob (CSU), nico kauper (CSU), ralf olmesdahl (ABWI), thomas lay (CSU) and tim scheppe ().

When it comes to the election of the second and third mayor, it quickly becomes clear that not everyone is of one mind. Uwe poschl (CSU) proposes only one honorary official to represent the mayor, rather than two, as he does not want to incur even more costs due to the shortfall in income as a result of the corona crisis. Lamm agrees. Scheppe counters that the 10,000-inhabitant mark will soon be broken. "So after twelve years, it’s time to elect two deputy mayors. The decision is made with twelve to nine votes in favor of the third mayor.

Twelve to nine – a constellation that will run like a red thread through the evening.

Munch and konig as representatives

Gunter munch () and lay are nominated for the position of second mayor. The winner is munch, with twelve votes to nine. Michael auer (grune) nominates sabina konig (grune) for the post of third mayor. Thereupon, the previously still respectful sabel rattling takes on more striking proportions when lamm intervenes by suggesting that konig not stand for election. "Think of the costs", he says "the municipality can use the money elsewhere"." Something for which he earns applause from the 60-strong audience. Fischkal contradicts with a "it was democratically decided that there would be a third mayor." Konig elected by twelve votes to nine.

The enactment of the bylaws is finally turning into a small marathon. When scheppe explains that the proposal is well thought out and that the committees should be filled according to D’hondt, he earns guffaws from the CSU and SPD. Both factions prefer an appointment according to schepers, which according to lamm was already used in the municipal elections. He declares that he is against a procedure "where small parties are disadvantaged and large parties become even more powerful."

Kauper proposes to postpone the decree, as the CSU has a few points that are hard to stomach, but this request is rejected by a vote of twelve to nine.

"This is not democracy"

The CSU has prepared a total of ten amendments, which will now be read out by poschl. Michael auer interjects that the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups had met on monday to discuss the rules of procedure, which are supposed to relieve the burden on the municipal council. "They had already been able to put the cards on the table on monday", he says. "Here a disempowerment of the municipal council takes place, no discharge", jorg bubel (SPD) vehemently disagrees "that’s not democracy, that’s not acting democratically." A statement accompanied by the applause of the audience.

Fischkal contradicts with the words: "I do not see a disempowerment of the council in any way. The municipal council is the body that sets the course."

The tone becomes even rougher when it comes to the composition of the committees, as lamm states that the SPD will not be represented in any of the major committees due to the appointment of D’hondt. By now it is well past 9 pm and the number of spectators has dwindled to 14. The logo of the municipality of adelsdorf is actually: grow together. The new municipal council now has six years to do this.

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