Volle kirchen: mesner as usher

Volle kirchen: mesner as usher

There was so much going on that the mesners had to do duty as ushers to accommodate the crowds of believers at the family services in the late afternoon in the house of the lord. The sacristans tried to find a seat for as many people as possible.

With a festive fanfare the trombone choir opened the service in the church of the holy trinity in presseck, which was immediately followed by the kindergarten children with a fresh and straightforward song about four advent candles.

Full up to the second emporen it was also in untersteinach. Shortly before the beginning of the service, pastor wolfgang oertel rushed up the stairs to scout out possible places, but in vain.

A journey through time took place this year in st. Oswald. More precisely, in the aftermath of this year’s luther year, in the year 1534, when the first complete edition of luther’s bible translation had been published.

In a fictional story, the children’s service team portrayed the holy evening in luther’s house at that time: luther is busy with theological matters, his wife katharina is still in bed with their sixth and last child (margarete), so that her sister is taking care of the children.

So just this year the celebration of the christmas story was cancelled, but the children didn’t like it. When the parents finally appear, the children dress up as shepherds and angels, and the father and mother, together with the newborn, represent the holy family. And christmas can be celebrated as usual in the house of luther.

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