With the free birds through the alstadt

With the free birds through the alstadt

With much pomp, music and plenty of martial-looking fighters, the medieval market in prichsenstadt ended as it had begun: with a parade. On saturday, the troupe included mayor rene schlehr and the wine princess "yvonne I. From the honorable lineage of the von heumanns" picked up at the town hall, symbolically put a squad of guards by his side, and on sunday evening the market’s participants delivered both of them back to the town hall safe and sound.

Led by the music troupe "die freivogel" and accompanied among others by the larp (live action role playing) groups "watchers of the balance, the "gauges, "shadows of the woods and from the "camp dietrichs von langheim the convoy marched from the market through the city’s main gate to the town hall.

Tourists attracted

The spectacle also attracted numerous tourists, who were given plenty of material for photos in the street cafes of the historic old town as the procession took place. For two days, according to volker mehlert (chairman of the old prichsenstadt association), there was "a lot going on, the weather was fine, and word of the market is spreading more and more".

The market operators themselves were also satisfied with the response of the people. Speaking of the weather, a large part of the market took place in a field next to the city wall. If it had rained, not only the performers but also the numerous visitors were drowned in mud. So it was literally dry as dust.

Show fights of all kinds

Against this dryness the responsible persons had already made plentifully precaution, in the form of cold and warm beverages of all kinds. One of the highlights was a fire show on saturday evening, and the larp groups love with interludes and fights of all kinds something like boredom not arise at all.

As for the mayor, among other things he was ordered to do free service at the sausage stand.

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