One in eight women gets breast cancer: doctors campaign for prevention

"Nowadays, a diagnosis of breast cancer is by no means a death sentence," said DGS vice president diethelm wallwiener. In the majority of cases the breast could be preserved. Also at the lymph nodes under the armpits could be operated more gently, the lesser long-term complaints.

Around 2500 physicians will deal with breast diseases at the congress until saturday. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among women, with more than 70,000 new cases every year. One in eight falls ill. With genetic predisposition, the risk is 80 percent – and 60 percent for ovarian cancer.

An alternative to the radical decision to remove the breast in the case of a high hereditary risk, as made by U.S. Actress angelina jolie, is close-meshed, comprehensive preventive examinations. Lifestyle also has a decisive influence, said co-congress president marion kiechle. The risk of recurrence and mortality in female patients is reduced by 50 percent if they exercise regularly.


Thuringerwald association helps banzer weg make a comeback

thuringerwald association helps banzer weg make a comeback

The thuringerwald-verein coburg has rediscovered the banzer trail, re-signposted it with a rough map and developed a circular hiking concept. The blue cross on female ground promises an attractive hiking route and great views of the coburg and lichtenfels countryside. "There is a lot to discover and explore on the way", promised the deputy chairman of the thuringerwald association, helmut volk, at the official opening ceremony. As an official sign, a plastic information board was installed in the center of the village on the main road next to the town sign on saturday afternoon.

Roland weib, the trail manager of the thuringerwald association, is particularly proud of the QR codes on the board. This means that any hiker with an internet-enabled cell phone can obtain precise information about bus connections on line 8319 to and from coburg. "This means that arrival and departure is also possible by public transport", stressed female. Weib has invested over 150 hours in the trail alone. It took about two years for the trail warden and some of his fellow hikers to finish the signs.

The costs amounted to about 4000 euro, fortunately – reported weib – one had found a sponsor with the sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels, which took over a rough part of the costs. About one third of the costs were borne by the state, but also from the association’s treasury a contribution was made for the path with its 38 posts and over 100 signs on about 27 kilometers long. The route leads through fields, fields and forest roads and is suitable for strollers for the most part. Around 20 hikers from the thuringerwald association and from the municipality tested the trail from banz monastery and rated the signposting as well as weib’s route as "successful" describes. There were many explanations along the way, which is why the premiere hikers were on the road for about two hours.


Chinese on the verge of taking over thomas cook

Chinese on the verge of taking over thomas cook

The takeover of the ailing british tourism group thomas cook by the chinese conglomerate fosun is progressing faster than planned.

Thomas cook reported in london that an agreement in principle had been reached with the major shareholder fosun, the lending banks and major creditors.

900 million british pounds (995 million euros) of fresh capital is to be injected into the company, half of which will come from fosun. The shares held by existing shareholders were significantly devalued because the debts accumulated to date are to be converted into equity capital.


10,000-Euro prize money ends up in wulff’s private account

10,000-euro prize money ends up in wulff's private account

In its financial investigations, the prosecution had stumbled upon the amount in wulff’s account, said the spokesman for the hanover public prosecutor’s office, hans-jurgen lendeckel, on sunday in response to a dpa inquiry. It is examined "whether there is a suspicion of criminal proceedings due to the use of the prize money". Lendeckel thus confirmed a report in the news magazine "der spiegel".

According to its own information, the public prosecutor’s office requested information from the federal president’s office at the beginning of june. Wulff had announced that he had transferred the amount to an israeli hospital. According to "spiegel," the inquiry to the central council of jews as to whether the founder of the prize agreed to the donation to israel was not made until last week, seven months after the prize was awarded.

There is no legally binding regulation for federal ministers and federal presidents to donate prize money, but it is customary to do so. Government officials, however, are required to report such awards. If this does not happen, an investigation for fraud by omission would be possible. Whether the obligation to report prize money also applies to the federal president is not clear from a legal point of view. Wulff had resigned in february after accusations that he had used the office of president for private gain.


Ullrich’s soft declaration – critics: “insubstantial”

Ullrich's soft declaration - critics: 'insubstantial'

The fallen german cycling star admitted to "contact" with doping doctor fuentes, as well as "immense" public pressure – but no more than that. In a statement, the 38-year-old did not reveal details of the visits to the spanish doctor. They had caused the international sports court CAS to impose a two-year ban and to annul all results from may 2005 onwards. Also no word on possible offenses in the time before – ullrich has missed another chance.

Doping juggernaut werner franke, who himself had been litigating against ullrich for years, considers the statements "insubstantial" and a "laughable attempt to put a lid on the affair."The former telekom signboard failed to shed light on the affair by telling the truth. "I still see this as completely inadequate," franke told the dpa news agency.

Fritz sorgel has a similar opinion, pointing out that the word doping does not appear once in ullrich’s declaration. "That’s what distinguishes the rough athlete from the normal cheater," says the pharmacologist from nurnberg. "He doped for years. To say goodbye now with a sorry is of course relatively little."


The city of eltmann is considering the creation of a peace forest

the city of eltmann is considering the creation of a peace forest

"The age poverty is female and with the remuneration we have still a striking difference for the same performed work between man and woman. Moreover, we women are still underrepresented in politics." The chairwoman of the women's union eltmann, elvira sieper, who was unanimously confirmed in office at the new election, put these three points at the center of her accountability report. She emphasized the need for commitment and political involvement.

Elvira sieper spoke of a politically exciting time in which even old issues were discussed again and again. If women earn 21 percent less than men, this means that women work 77 days for nothing. Only the women from the czech republic and estonia are worse off. The local chairwoman fears that this is leading to a dramatic increase in old-age poverty.

Another area of concern is that there will be a shortage of 740000 caregivers in 30 years. Short-term care is already no longer available in upper franconia; those affected have been referred to the czech republic. The issue is also becoming a problem in the habberge district, which is why the district administrator wants to get involved.


Presentation in old walls

Presentation in old walls

The worktops stand on wooden trestles or float above the floor, held by ropes stretched over the roof beams. A blower blows warm air loudly into the room, students sit on the chairs and look spellbound at their laptop screens. Red brick on the walls, the beamer throws the sketches on the inside wall of a wooden garage door.In the former machine and storage room of burgerbrau, 13 students from the technical university of munich have set up a creative workshop. Your goal: to work out ways of integrating the roughly 4000 square meter site into the development of the city center. There is no lack of ideas.
The owner of the flat is enthusiastic in any case. "Working together is fun,", says jens fiebig. There are no finished plans yet, but there are some preliminary designs, which the students are looking at together with their professor mark michaeli on the converted garage door. "We have to find new strategies for the development of inner cities", says michaeli and describes kitzingen as a prototype, a model for other cities. "Valuable areas in the center of a city that lie fallow and unused are becoming more and more common." Fresh ideas are therefore highly welcome – although every city needs individual solutions. "That's why we're also on site to first analyze the situation in and around the burgerbrau area in detail."

Involving the public

By the end of april, the students had not only explored the alleys and houses, but also sought a conversation with the people of kitzing. The public should also be involved in the further development process. A workshop is planned for the day of the open monument on 9. In september the designs will be exhibited in burgerbrau. Fiebig is also planning tours of the former brewery.
Unlike previous discussions, this time the owner is involved from the very beginning. He sits at the table and looks at the first results of the students, he has also signed a cooperation agreement with the city. It includes not only the current cooperation with the students, but also the further proceeding. "We want to work in partnership to see how we can combine private and municipal interests, explains head of the building department oliver graumann – and jens fiebig nods in agreement.


Head of vw supervisory board: prevent second lockdown

head of vw supervisory board: prevent second lockdown

VW supervisory board chairman hans dieter potsch has appealed to political and economic leaders to prevent a second corona lockdown and further market closures at all costs during the crisis.

In view of the considerable damage already caused by the first wave of the pandemic and the fact that the number of infections is rising again, "all efforts must now be focused on this," said the chief controller of the wolfsburg car company at an event of the german chamber of commerce in vienna. The austrian potsch is the president of the chamber.

The question is whether the aid programs adopted so far are sufficient to get the economy through the next few months in good shape," said potsch. At present, the overall situation remains "more than worrying". The volkswagen chief supervisor cited "unstable to weak" demand, underutilization of industrial production and a possible sharp increase in covid 19 traps in the fall and winter as key issues. "My expectation of politicians in this situation is to prepare for a further deterioration in economic conditions."


Mafia critic saviano at the berlinale

Mafia critic saviano at the berlinale

Despite all threats, anti-mafia author wants to continue writing in the future and not be incarcerated under any circumstances. "I am calm, i will continue to pay," said the italian journalist, who lives under personal protection, on tuesday at berlinale. In the competition, the 39-year-old presented the film version of his novel "la paranza dei bambini (piranhas)". Also the third and last german contribution went on tuesday into the race for the cash prizes.

Roberto saviano’s safety is a recurring topic, partly because italian interior minister matteo salvini of the right-wing lega threatened last year to have the personal protection saviano received because of death threats put on trial.

The author, internationally known for his book "gomorrah" about the mafia in naples, is one of the harshest public critics of the italian government. At the berlinale, he also took a sharp swipe at the interior minister, calling the political situation in italy "very serious".