Extension of the cycle paths demanded

While the overall number of traffic fatalities in bavaria has fallen significantly, the number of cyclists killed has risen from 31 in the previous year to 39. This is what the current bavarian traffic accident statistics for the first half of the year show. The bavarian bicycle club (ADFC) is calling for an acceleration in the development of infrastructure for cyclists.

The ADFC in forchheim explains its point of view: one problem is the abrupt end of the cycle paths, another is the traffic lights, which are not optimized for bicycles. At the railroad bridge, cyclists are confronted with both: if you want to go into hainbrunnenstrabe, you have to wait for two traffic light phases. If you have done this patiently, you get grun at the same time as the cars and have to thread your way between them, because the cycle path ends there.

If this is too unsafe for you, you have two safer options, according to the ADFC, but they are prohibited: either you ride on the sidewalk or you ignore the second traffic light. Here an improvement is absolutely necessary.


Procession in honor of mary in limbach

procession in honor of mary in limbach

The solemnity of the assumption of mary is celebrated in the pilgrimage church of maria limbach as the highest mary’s feast day. Many devotees of mary visit the shrine. In addition to the fub pilgrimages of the parishes from zell/ebersberg and the schleichach villages, pilgrims come to fub on bicycles and cars, and also from further away on buses, to ask the mother of god in prayer for her intercession.

In addition to the pilgrimage services and the solemn high mass, the procession to the little fountain of grace and around the pilgrimage church is the annual highlight of the festivities of maria limbach. The procession was led this year by the local pastor otmar pottler, as well as the two priests from limbach, ludwig schuhmann and alkuin mahr, who carried the holy of holies under the baldachin.

Before the blessing of the faithful at the little fountain of grace, pastor otmar pottler recalled the miraculous healings in maria limbach recorded in the church books. Then it was 1726, when the village of limbach was struck by a terrible epidemic. Among those affected was a pious woman named katharina schwalbinger, who had gone blind. Believing in the mother of god, she washed her eyes with the water she found near the sanctuary and was soon able to see again. Even a wasting art customer viering, finding no more water, used the healing moist earth and got well. Similarly, a konrad vogel from eltmann, who had suffered from thick knees since childhood, was relieved of his suffering by the water at the pilgrimage church and by his faith in the mother of god of limbach. Furthermore, according to pastor pottler, it is noted in the books that many of those who had been ill until then returned fresh and healthy from maria limbach, strengthened by their faith. Thus the gnadenbrunnlein has its very special history and meaning around the pilgrimage church maria limbach.


Opel reorganization plan: compromise instead of a clear cut

Opel reorganization plan: compromise instead of a clear cut

Delicate passages such as plant closures or job cuts no longer appear in the concept with which opel wants to get back on the road to success after billions in losses in recent years. It remained open when the profit zone would be reached. In order to reduce expensive overcapacities, models such as the small SUV mokka, the antara or the agila will roll off the production line in europe instead of in korea in the past. Observers expect that models of the french partner peugeot-citroen could also be built at opel. The company rejects this so far as speculation.

In his plan, stracke is selling a lot of old wine in new bottles: he announced an investment offensive that his predecessor nick reilly had already presented. The "new export strategy" is also described by observers as unambitious and is essentially already known.

At least, unlike in march, when stracke’s first management plan was rejected by the supervisory board, the supervisory board now approved the strategy. Stracke has thus broken through the long entrenched fronts between GM management in detroit and the unions and store stewards in europe. "The plan adopted today paves the way for a strong future for opel," said GM vice chairman and opel supervisory board chairman stephen girsky. General motors is behind opel.


Head of vw supervisory board: prevent second lockdown

head of vw supervisory board: prevent second lockdown

VW supervisory board chairman hans dieter potsch has appealed to political and economic leaders to prevent a second corona lockdown and further market closures at all costs during the crisis.

In view of the considerable damage already caused by the first wave of the pandemic and the fact that the number of infections is rising again, "all efforts must now be focused on this," said the chief controller of the wolfsburg car company at an event of the german chamber of commerce in vienna. The austrian potsch is the president of the chamber.

The question is whether the aid programs adopted so far are sufficient to get the economy through the next few months in good shape," said potsch. At present, the overall situation remains "more than worrying". The volkswagen chief supervisor cited "unstable to weak" demand, underutilization of industrial production and a possible sharp increase in covid 19 traps in the fall and winter as key issues. "My expectation of politicians in this situation is to prepare for a further deterioration in economic conditions."