Two representatives for mayor

Two representatives for mayor

The burgers showed great interest in the constituent meeting of the adelsdorf town council on wednesday evening in the aischgrundhalle. First, mayor karsten fischkal made it clear what it’s all about: "here in the town council, the course is being set for the future for the entire community of adelsdorf. Not for a party, not for a district. We must always look at the big picture."

The committee received the spiritual blessing of pastor thomas ringer and pastor jens arnold. Ringer brought a small cross as a gift for all 21 members of the council. It then became a little solemn when fischkal swore in the seven new municipal councilors kerstin auer (grune), norbert lamm (SPD), matthias gob (CSU), nico kauper (CSU), ralf olmesdahl (ABWI), thomas lay (CSU) and tim scheppe ().

When it comes to the election of the second and third mayor, it quickly becomes clear that not everyone is of one mind. Uwe poschl (CSU) proposes only one honorary official to represent the mayor, rather than two, as he does not want to incur even more costs due to the shortfall in income as a result of the corona crisis. Lamm agrees. Scheppe counters that the 10,000-inhabitant mark will soon be broken. "So after twelve years, it’s time to elect two deputy mayors. The decision is made with twelve to nine votes in favor of the third mayor.


Eu builds new protection wall for taxpayers with banking union

eu builds new protection wall for taxpayers with banking union

The europeans are setting up a new bailout for bankrupt banks and thereby creating a protective wall for the taxpayers. EU finance ministers agreed on the final pillar of the banking union – the rules for the resolution or restructuring of failing banks – after twelve hours of negotiations on thursday night. However, criticism is coming from the european parliament, which still has to approve the compromise.

Savers will be better protected in the future, taxpayers spared in the event of collapses of financial institutions. During the financial crisis, the EU countries pumped around 1.6 billion euros into ailing financial institutions.

Core stuck is a common pot built up over ten years with bank money. This bank resolution fund is to comprise up to 55 billion euros in the end. A new body, including representatives of the member states, decides whether and how a bank is to be wound up. The EU commission has a right of veto.


Irish golfer lowry triumphs at british open

Irish golfer lowry triumphs at british open

The irean shane lowry, to the deafening cheers of thousands of golf fans, has overwhelmingly won the 148th hole. British open won in northern ireland. The 32-year-old celebrated the biggest success of his career at the world’s oldest golf championship.

Lowry played a final-day round of 72 at royal portrush golf club and triumphed with a total score of 269, ahead of englishman tommy fleetwood (275) and american tony finau (277). For his first major win, lowry received and a prize purse of about 1.93 million U.S. Dollars.

At the award ceremony on the 18. Grun lowry held out the silver "claret jug" trophy to the enthusiastic fans. "I don’t know what to say," lowry replied in a trance-stifled voice. "I have to thank so many people. Without them I would definitely not be here today. My mother and father have sacrificed so much for me and I am so happy that I can give them this trophy tonight."


Humboldt forum appoints collection manager

Humboldt Forum appoints collection manager

The facade is in place, the windows have been installed – and the highly complex technical interior has also been largely installed. The humboldt forum foundation in berlin’s palace gave assurances at a site inspection on monday that the new grob kulturhaus in the heart of the city will open as planned at the end of 2019. The project is fully on schedule and within budget, said hans-dieter hegner, head of construction.

The foundation of prussian cultural heritage, the main future user, has meanwhile surprisingly confirmed that its board of trustees has elected stuttgart museum director ines de castro as the future head of the collection. The board had instructed the president to conduct further talks, a foundation spokeswoman said in response to a dpa inquiry.

On sunday, the foundation did not want to confirm or deny a report of the "spiegel" about the personnel. The appointment to the position will be announced in the coming weeks, it was said at first.


Five numbers, one friendship

five numbers, one friendship

1, 8, 2, 8 and 1. Black numbers printed on a yellow plastic sign hanging from franzy’s ear. 18281 – numbers that christiana from kitzingen can no longer get out of her head. The yellow sign is the ear tag of cow franzy. An unusual story connects 15-year-old christiana with the animal.

It begins about three years ago: christiana’s parents have two donkeys, the four sheep and three goats. They regularly fetch hay from a farmer near castell. The then eleven-year-old accompanies her parents, helps out, cares for the animals on the farm. She is fond of animals, always has been, the awareness of this was imprinted in her family from a very early age.

At some point, a cow catches her eye, she stands on a chain, barely has room to move. But unlike the other cows, she accepts her fate, doesn’t rebel, doesn’t chafe or rub against her metal shackles. "She stood out because of her serenity," christiana tells us three years later.


Kiosk on the adenauerufer in bamberg will no longer open in 2017

Kiosk on the adenauerufer in bamberg will no longer open in 2017

This came as a surprise: at the beginning of june, there was still talk of the kiosk on the adenauerufer being reopened for the school vacations. Many a cyclist or walker may have been looking forward to a leisurely rest on the edge of the regnitz river.

The vacations have been here for a long time, even the weather was, at least temporarily, summery. But a cool drink at the kiosk near the aral gas station there was not. There will probably be no more in 2017. For the opening is postponed.

It is planned to open in 2018 "with the first warm rays of sun", as werner kuhhorn, head of the city’s real estate management department, put it in response to an inquiry. But what happened? Two months ago, some doubted whether the tree removals might not have been completed on time. The honeycomb-like building is owned by the municipality and is being renovated for around 150,000 euros. The pipes will be renewed and a barrier-free toilet and a staff toilet will be installed.


Syrian opposition gets more money – weapons still disputed

Syrian opposition gets more money - weapons still disputed

Syria’s moderate opposition gets more money to resist strongman baschar al-assad after clear rejection of terrorism. U.S. Secretary of state john kerry announced on sunday, after a meeting of the most important countries of the syria friends group with the rebels in istanbul, a doubling of american aid to 250 million u.S. Dollars (about 191 million euros). Germany increases its support by 15 million to 145 million euros.

Even after the meeting in istanbul, the group of friends still disputes whether assad’s opponents should also receive weapons from the west in the future. For germany, this is still taboo, according to federal minister guido westerwelle (FDP). EU partners such as great britain and france, on the other hand, are pushing hard to stop the european union’s ban on deliveries, which is still in place until the end of may.

The embargo will also be the subject of a meeting of EU foreign ministers in luxembourg this monday. Countries such as saudi arabia and qatar are already supplying weapons. Opponents of this practice argue that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands – that is, in the hands of the increasingly powerful jihadists in the country.


10,000-Euro prize money ends up in wulff’s private account

10,000-euro prize money ends up in wulff's private account

In its financial investigations, the prosecution had stumbled upon the amount in wulff’s account, said the spokesman for the hanover public prosecutor’s office, hans-jurgen lendeckel, on sunday in response to a dpa inquiry. It is examined "whether there is a suspicion of criminal proceedings due to the use of the prize money". Lendeckel thus confirmed a report in the news magazine "der spiegel".

According to its own information, the public prosecutor’s office requested information from the federal president’s office at the beginning of june. Wulff had announced that he had transferred the amount to an israeli hospital. According to "spiegel," the inquiry to the central council of jews as to whether the founder of the prize agreed to the donation to israel was not made until last week, seven months after the prize was awarded.

There is no legally binding regulation for federal ministers and federal presidents to donate prize money, but it is customary to do so. Government officials, however, are required to report such awards. If this does not happen, an investigation for fraud by omission would be possible. Whether the obligation to report prize money also applies to the federal president is not clear from a legal point of view. Wulff had resigned in february after accusations that he had used the office of president for private gain.


Ullrich’s soft declaration – critics: “insubstantial”

Ullrich's soft declaration - critics: 'insubstantial'

The fallen german cycling star admitted to "contact" with doping doctor fuentes, as well as "immense" public pressure – but no more than that. In a statement, the 38-year-old did not reveal details of the visits to the spanish doctor. They had caused the international sports court CAS to impose a two-year ban and to annul all results from may 2005 onwards. Also no word on possible offenses in the time before – ullrich has missed another chance.

Doping juggernaut werner franke, who himself had been litigating against ullrich for years, considers the statements "insubstantial" and a "laughable attempt to put a lid on the affair."The former telekom signboard failed to shed light on the affair by telling the truth. "I still see this as completely inadequate," franke told the dpa news agency.

Fritz sorgel has a similar opinion, pointing out that the word doping does not appear once in ullrich’s declaration. "That’s what distinguishes the rough athlete from the normal cheater," says the pharmacologist from nurnberg. "He doped for years. To say goodbye now with a sorry is of course relatively little."